Alouette Brie for Grilling will jazz up your next barbecue

Alouette Brie for Grilling. Image courtesy Alouette
Alouette Brie for Grilling. Image courtesy Alouette /

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of grilling season. You’re ready to fire up the grill and throw some brie on there.

Wait, that’s not right. I meant to say burgers and hot dogs but that’s not to say you can’t throw some brie on the grill. If anything, Alouette is hoping you’ll keep that energy and decide to try some grilled brie.

Before Memorial Day officially kicks off, Alouette is introducing a new product: Alouette
Brie for Grilling. If you’ve been seeing this trend on TikTok or just have watched some professionals do it, it’s good to know you can get it to try out on your own grill.

If you’re looking to enjoy Alouette’s Brie for Grilling, the brand made sure to share some special insights into what drinks and foods you might want to pair this with.

Alouette Brie for Grilling will change the way you grill this summer.

Alouette Brie for Grilling
Alouette Brie for Grilling. Image courtesy Alouette /

If you’re a cheese lover, this is no doubt right up your alley, and as someone who is also a cheese lover, I’m dying to get my hands on one of these. These wedges come in a 4.5-ounce wheel and honestly, that’s just enough for me. I’m only kidding on that one, but I’m sure most of us would love to be able to eat all of that Alouette Brie in one sitting.

We’ll get into the recipe and drink pairings in a moment, but can you just imagine grilling this and having it on a burger? That sounds like heaven or even just using some crackers to dip in. I know that Brie is having a moment right now and Alouette knows what they’re doing.

The brand shared a handful of great pairings but I wanted to share some of my favorites which included: “Alouette Grilled Brie, Blue Corn Chips, & Smokey Margherita” which sounds delicious for a night with the girls, “Alouette Grilled Brie, Roasted Tomato Bruschetta, & Dirty Bloody Mary” if you’re feeling like tomatoes and finally, “Alouette Grilled Brie, Spiced Honey, & Sparkling Apple or Pear Cider” for some slight sweetness.

Even if you don’t go with any of the pairings, Alouette Brie for Grilling can be paired with your favorite sandwiches, veggies, or even with chips or crackers. Honestly, the sky is the limit here as long as you’re not lactose intolerant. Either way, I’m excited to give this one a try and hopefully, it’ll be on your Memorial Day menu this year.

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What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be adding Alouette Grilled Brie to your shopping list? Share with us.