DoorDash talks burgers and which states are ordering the most ahead of National Burger Day

It may not come as a surprise to a lot of of foodies that burgers are very popular across the United States. In fact, according to DoorDash, burgers are one of the top ordered foods on their platform when it comes to getting delivery.

So is it any wonder that May 28 is actually National Burger Day? Because as fans of this grilling wonder, we have to celebrate the burger with its own day. And it makes sense that the day of the burger would be around the time that the summer grilling season starts.

However, according to DoorDash, there are 10 states that seem to really love their burgers. In fact, we have figured out exactly where burgers reign supreme, thanks to how many people are ordering them on the delivery platform.

So which states are at the top of the list when it comes to ordering burgers from DoorDash?

DoorDash reveals the top 10 states that love burgers

In order from the the 10th spot on the list, all the way to number one, here are the states that are really showing their love to the mighty burger on DoorDash:

  • 10 Virginia
  • 9 Illinois
  • 8 Pennsylvania
  • 7 North Carolina
  • 6 Georgia
  • 5 Ohio
  • 4 New York
  • 3 Florida
  • 2 Texas
  • 1 California

For us, we are not surprised by this list in terms of the top four states. However, some of the other states that made the list did surprise us. That being said, we never say no to burgers. And we especially never say no to burgers on the grill.

Really, we are all about the burgers during the summer. And we definitely don’t mind grilling up a burger on a Sunday night as we head into a new week.

But we want to know if these states surprised you when it comes to ordering the most burgers via DoorDash. Do you order burgers for delivery? Do you use DoorDash to get burgers delivered to your door? Let us know over on Twitter what you think of these results.