Here’s how Krispy Kreme is celebrating National Doughnut Day

Krispy Kreme Celebrates National Doughnut Day with “Sweet New Deal” . Image courtesy of Krispy Kreme.
Krispy Kreme Celebrates National Doughnut Day with “Sweet New Deal” . Image courtesy of Krispy Kreme. /

When it comes to delicious donuts, Krispy Kreme always delivers. And for National Doughnut Day (National Donut Day), they are celebrating with some deals.

This year, National Donut Day falls on June 2. And thanks to a press email that we received, we know that Krispy Kreme is celebrating by not only giving away free donuts, but also offering a deal on their original glazed donuts.

So how exactly is Krispy Kreme celebrating? Here is the deal for this year is National Donut Day

Krispy Kreme celebrates National Donut Day with deals

First, let’s talk about the free donuts. On June 2 head to your closest Krispy Kreme location and you can get a free donut of your choice. There is no purchase requirements, which means you can go in and order any donut on the menu, including their Keylime pie doughnut, banana pudding doughnut, or even just a classic, original glazed, and walk out without paying a dime.

For fans of Krispy Kreme, you can never go wrong with a free donut deal. But that’s not the only thing they are doing to celebrate National Donut Day. Their other offer revolves around their original glazed doughnuts. This time you can get a dozen original glazed doughnuts for just $2 with the purchase of any dozen donuts. So you can get all of your favorites, and then add a dozen glazed donuts for just $2 more. That’s an amazing deal! And it’s one that we can’t wait to take advantage of.

Are you surprised by the deals that Krispy Kreme is offering this year for National Donut Day? Will you be taking advantage of either of these offers? And we want to know what your favorite donut flavor is? Are you a glazed fan? Or do you prefer some thing with chocolate? Medium Head over to our Twitter account and let us know.

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