Summer Baking Championship season 1 episode 5: Going to the beach

Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9.
Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9. /

It was beach day on Summer Baking Championship this week. The beach, the waves, the cake, oh my! The remaining bakers had to make beach-inspired bakes in both the Pre-Heat and the Main Heat in order to stay in the competition.

In the Pre-Heat, the bakers had to make trifles inspired by beach cocktails. They had to choose from strawberry daiquiri, banana daiquiri, mojito, hurricane, pina colada, and a melon ball.

John got the strawberry daiquiri, Yohann got the banana daiquiri, Anrika got the mojito, Alyssa received the hurricane, Carlos got the melon ball, and Zoe received the pina colada.

These were definitely hit or miss. Some were amazing like John’s strawberry daiquiri trifle and others just didn’t work like Anrika’s, Carlos’s, and Yohann’s. Although, I didn’t have a problem with Yohann’s cut bananas as much as the judges seemed to.

Summer Baking Championship was giving beach vibes this week

But who came out on top? That was John! His strawberry trifle did look really delicious. And really, who doesn’t like a strawberry trifle?!

On to the Main Heat! For this challenge, the bakers had to make cream pies and since John was the winner of the first round, he got to pick the type of cream pie each baker made. He gave himself banana cream pie.

As for the others, Anrika got key lime pie, Carlos got coconut cream pie, Zoe received cookies and cream pie, Alyssa got pistachio cream pie (and I love how everyone pretended that it is a well-known thing), and Yohann received lemon chiffon pie.

There was also a twist where the bakers had to make a tempered chocolate decoration.

These pies looked amazing! Even the ones that were barely finished looked good enough to eat.

As for the judges, they really liked Zoe and Yohann’s pies and I can’t say I blame them. Zoe’s pie was like an Oreo dream with cookies decorated to look like ice cream bars and a peanut butter ganache. And I would pretty much eat lemon chiffon anything!

But only one person could win the challenge and that was Yohann! He went from the bottom to the top in one episode.

Who went home? That was Carlos. As he didn’t do well in the first and second challenges, it wasn’t a huge surprise.

Next week, the bakers will have to make grill pan desserts, and then to celebrate Pride Month, they will be making rainbow desserts.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Summer Baking Championship? Whose dessert looked the best to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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