Fill up at the Cheez-It pump for a limited time this June

Cheez-It Stop. Credit Katie Gardner for Cheez-It
Cheez-It Stop. Credit Katie Gardner for Cheez-It /

Cheez-It is one of the most timeless cracker brands out there and it’s clear the company has some loyal fans. Some might even head out to the Cheez-It Pump to make sure they refuel with their favorite snack.

You’re not alone if you’re wondering what a Cheez-It Pump is. Seeing a name like that is almost enough to make you do a double-take. Starting on June 5th and wrapping up on June 11th, the Cheez-It Stop is a new style of truck stop.

While the pump is the main attraction, that’s not all this “truck” stop has to offer but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The devil is in the details aka where you need to go: “61943 Twentynine Palms Highway in Joshua Tree, a perfectly situated desert destination for fans looking to make the 128-mile drive from Los Angeles or the 168-mile trek from San Diego.”

If you’re in California and a huge fan, I can confidently say that any drive might be worth it to enjoy some of your favorite products and even try the Cheez-It Pump.

Take a break at the Cheez-It stop for your favorite snack fix and more.

Cheez-It Stop. Credit Katie Gardner for Cheez-It /

Even though the stop won’t be there forever, there is still a lot to be excited about if you’re headed that way. Of course, the major attraction is the Cheez-It Pump which is exactly how it sounds. It works the same as a gas pump but puts Cheez-Its into your car, your hand, or whatever you carry with you. Honestly, I feel like these would have a practical use for more than just a limited time.

Aside from the pump, there is also a chance at getting some unique merchandise including shirts and shot glasses. Most excitedly though, there are some amazing finds such as rare flavors including Hot & Spicy. If that isn’t enough to convince you to make the trip, I don’t know what else will. That’s such a fun idea for those living on the West Coast.

Hopefully, if it does well for the rest of the week, we might end up seeing a revival of the attraction on the East Coast. I know I’d love to be able to check something like this and see what the hype is about. Either way, I feel like this idea is so fun and would be a great thing to do even if you’re just visiting Joshua Tree. If you’re heading there, the hours are 10am to 6pm PST so make sure to keep that in mind before heading out.

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What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Would you try out the Cheez-It Pump? Let us know in the comments.