Tru Fru is the perfect treat for summer snacking

Tru Tru assortment. Image courtesy Kimberley Spinney
Tru Tru assortment. Image courtesy Kimberley Spinney /

Are you looking for a sweet treat this summer? Do you love chocolate covered fruits? Then you need some Tru Fru in your life.

This summer, if you were looking for a delicious treats, then you might want to try Tru Fru. These chocolate covered fruits can be found in the freezer section of your local, grocery store, Target, store, or Walmart. There are a variety of fruits to choose from, and each is delicately enrobed in a lair of chocolate or two.

So what are the flavors of Tru Fru that they have to offer?

Have you tried Tru Fru frozen fruits yet?

With their “hyper-chilled” fruits, there are grab and go cups and even grab and share packs. And this means there are a variety of choices as well. So what are the fruits and flavors available from Tru Fru?

  • Pina Colada – This is frozen chunks of pineapple that are coated in white chocolate and coconut
  • Raspberries – These are raspberries that are covered in either a combination of white and dark chocolate or in a milk chocolate.
  • Strawberries – And with the strawberries, we get frozen strawberries that are coated in white chocolate and milk chocolate.
  • Bananas – If you love peanut butter you’ll love these bananas covered in peanut butter and dark chocolate.
  • Blueberries – With this one you get frozen blueberries covered in white and dark chocolate.
  • Cherries – Can you ever go wrong with cherries covered in white and dark chocolate? I think not! (This is my favorite flavor of them all.)

Not only are these delicious as a treat right out of the freezer, but they also make a great base for frozen drinks and smoothies. Throw these into the blender with some milk and fresh fruit, and you have magic this summer.

Honestly, we have loved every single flavor/fruit that we have tried in the frozen variety. And while we love the cherries the most, every single one is a winner. Now, we just need to try their Hyper-dried option next.

Have you tried Tru Fru yet? Will you be giving them a try this summer? Let us know over on Twitter, and share your favorite fruit with us.

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