Celebrate National Pink Day and all things Barbie with these pink treats

Magnum Ruby, featuring Ruby cacao, photo provided by Magnum
Magnum Ruby, featuring Ruby cacao, photo provided by Magnum /

Did you know that June 23 is National Pink Day? We didn’t until recently, but since this is the summer of all things, we are here for it. And since we are celebrating all things pink (and getting ready for a Barbie summer), we decided to round up some of our favorite treats in this stunning hue.

For us, we are all about finding amazing snacks and treats. And if you have a theme you want to follow, there is a treat for that too.

So with a simple theme of pink, we pulled together a few pink treats we love! And yes, ruby chocolate made the list more than once.

Here are some of our favorite pink treats to celebrate both National Pink Day and Barbie with

  • Magnum Ice Cream Double Raspberry Ice Cream Bar – We love Magnum Ice Cream Bars. We love the flavors they have to offer and the innovations they have delivered (at one point they even offered a ruby bar that was out of this world). And their Double Raspberry Ice Cream Bar is absolutely one of our favorite pink treats. Sure, you have to bite through that chocolate shell to get to the raspberry (pink) center, but it is totally worth it.
  • Chocolove Ruby Chocolate Bar – Can you ever go wrong with a chocolate bar? How about a straight up bar of ruby chocolate? Honestly, you can’t. And when it comes to anything from Chocolove, you know you are getting next level quality that is hard to deny. We love all things Chocolove. So knowing we can celebrate all things pink with them, count us in.
  • Pastreez Pink Macarons – One of my newest guilty eats is macarons. And finding them in pretty colors always makes me happy. So knowing we can pick the perfect color for any occasion (including a pink party or a Barbie moment) has us ready to snag a box of these delicious goodies immediately.
  • Lolli & Pops Sparkling Rosé Medium Gummy Bears Tube – We love gummy bears. And love this new trend of giving us elevated gummy bears. So this container of pretty in pink gummies is definitely the way to go when it comes to celebrating a summer of Barbie magic.

Honestly, we love sweet treats for any occasion. And getting to celebrate the magic of summer with a color-specific treat has us ready to find out what other color days are on the books so we can celebrate those too.

What do you say guilty eaters? What are your favorite treats? Will you be doing a Barbie-themed summer snacking event? And if you are, which treats will you be pulling together?

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