The Great Food Truck Race takes on a ballpark challenge in S16 episode 2

The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network
The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network /

It’s week two of The Great Food Truck Race, and this week it is all about ballpark food with an MLB star as a judge! Mookie Betts is this week’s guest judge, helping to determine the winner of the first round challenge.

For their first challenge, the food trucks have to feed not only Tyler and Mookie, but also the little league guests that the MLB star is hosting at the park. The teams need to cook up elevated ballpark food for 150 guests, and each guest gets just four tickets that they can use. The guests can choose up to four trucks to dine from, and the winner is the truck with the most tickets at the end of the challenge.

The winner wins an epic prize if their team wins the challenge. Not only will the winning truck win immunity, but they will also win an amazing $15,000 as well. And Mookie will also be choosing his favorite truck and that truck will not only win an extra hour of sales time the next day for the second (elimination) challenge, but the entire team will. So once again, if the pros have the winning truck all the pro teams get an extra hour of selling time. And if a rookie truck wins, their whole team wins that extra hour.

The Great Food Truck Race takes on a ballpark challenge

It was an interesting first challenge on The Great Food Truck Race, as one team forgot to buy an ingredient for one of their sauces and had to ask the other trucks if anyone would be willing to share. (Surprisingly, one team did share their honey, the Paisani team.) Another truck forgot the milk for their dish. (And guess which truck stepped up again? The Paisani team of course.)

Overall, there were some emotional moments, and of course there were challenges for a few of the teams. But this was also a fun challenge with all of the kids and their families getting to enjoy next level ballpark food.

After the food trucks open and kick off serving the crowd, Mookie and Tyler walk around to try the special dish the teams created for the tasting challenge. And after trying all eight dishes, who did Mookie Betts pick as his winner?

The team that won the extra hour of selling time for their entire team was Paisani! This means that they won themselves and all the pros an extra hour of selling time for the next day.

But now we need to know which team won the overall challenge, which means immunity and a $15,000 prize. However, Tyler is keeping that news close to his chest. And that means sending the trucks out into the streets to do their normal menus and earn as much as they can.

For some trucks, it was a challenge to find a place to park and serve that would actually let them make money. Then we have trucks like Da Bald Guy, who had the magic of word of mouth to build them a line of customers.

And of course, on day two, Tyler has a challenge worth $300 in their till. They have to make a new dish using only the ingredients already on their trucks. Not only that, but they have to charge at least $15 for the dish.

This second day is a bit of a mess for some of the trucks, with one truck getting into it with a customer who wants a refund. And over on another truck, one of our cooks finds herself lightheaded, dizzy, and overheated. Basically, this was a rough day on The Great Food Truck Race for some of our teams.

After two days of selling, plenty of challenges (including a Tyler challenge), and a whole lot of driving and cooking, it is time to figure out which teams came out on top, who won the day one challenge, and who is going home.

Who won the selling challenge for an extra $300 in their till? That team was the Easy Vegan! They won that extra $300 towards their selling totals.

And which team won the immunity challenge and the $15,000 prize from day one? The team that won with a 10 ticket margin was the Easy Vegan!

Who sold the most of all the trucks? Da Bald Guy! And that wasn’t shocking considering how many people came out for them thanks to word of mouth advertising.

Sadly, one team has to go home. Which team went home in episode two? That would be 4 Hens Creole Kitchen.

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