Summer Baking Championship finale: And the winner is…

Judges Damaris Phillips, Duff Goldman, Carla Hall and Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Summer Baking Championship, Season 1. Image courtesy Food Network
Judges Damaris Phillips, Duff Goldman, Carla Hall and Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Summer Baking Championship, Season 1. Image courtesy Food Network /

The first season of Summer Baking Championship has come to an end but it didn’t go out without a bang. The final three bakers proved themselves to be amazing in the past seven episodes, but which one came out on top in the final challenges?

It all started with the Pre-Heat challenge where the bakers had to create three different desserts and a dipping sauce inspired by a fair or amusement park. They had to make one fried element, one popcorn element, and one baked treat. The producers were not messing around when they came up with this challenge.

But what did they make? Zoe made a baked cotton candy cookie with raspberry jam, a fried banana split, a caramel corn cupcake, and a salted caramel sauce.

Alyssa created a sweet and salty powdered sugar dough knot, a passionfruit mochi bar, and a cereal treat with potato chips, caramel, and popcorn. She also made a passionfruit caramel sauce.

Summer Baking Championship finally came to an end

Finally, Yohann made a pretzel and caramel tartlet, a fried cinnamon cream puff (yes, please!), a peanut butter and chocolate popcorn cookie, and a caramelized chocolate whipped sauce.

All the desserts looked amazing and ridiculously delicious, but the judges loved Zoe’s creations and she won this challenge. Her advantage was that she was the only one allowed to use the patriotic decorations provided.

On to the Main Heat challenge! For this final challenge, the bakers had to make a two-tier cake that is decorated to look like a Fourth of July float. It also had to include sparklers and be able to roll on wheels. The bakers only had five hours to make it.

To say this challenge was a lot would be an understatement, but there really were no issues while the bakers were making it. But what did they end up creating?

Zoe made an absolutely gorgeous cake. It was covered in stars and red, white, and blue. She made a chocolate chile cake with spicy mango and chocolate buttercream.

Yohann created a work of art and even though it was an America-centric challenge, he still made it French by making his inspiration the Statue of Liberty. As for his cake, his was a (three-tier!!) ginger chile cake with cream cheese and mango filling. He also created these chocolate tiles that looked like the steps going up to the statue.

Alyssa made an extremely fun and beautifully-decorated red, white, and blue cake. And it wasn’t just the colors on the outside; it was red and blue on the inside too. As for her flavors, she made a banana cake with a peanut butter filling and candied bacon bits.

The judges had a few critiques. They thought Yohan could have been more intense in his flavors and unfortunately, Alyssa needed to cook her bacon more.

So who came out on top? It was Zoe! She really shined in this episode. It was clear she was going to win. She won the title of Summer Baking Championship Champion and $25,000.

Now, we all have to wait until the next season of the Halloween Baking Championship comes out to get our Baking Championship fix.

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