Is Trader Joe’s open on the Fourth of July?

Are you looking for some Horchata Ice Cream, fresh ground peanut butter, or some goat cheese for your Fourth of July barbecue or cookout? Then you need to head to Trader Joe’s.

Honestly, whenever we are looking for unique food items, specialty cheeses, or meats to throw on the grill, we think of Trader Joe’s. This is the place we go for the things we wouldn’t necessarily pick up at the neighborhood store or the regular grocery store. Instead, this is where we go to make a statement with our charcuterie or to kick things up a notch for gatherings.

But what happens when the Fourth of July rolls around and you realize that you don’t have anything to throw out on the table for people to snack on? Or maybe you ran out of burgers and cheese? Then you may be wondering whether or not Trader Joe’s is actually open on Independence Day.

Will Trader Joe’s be open on the Fourth of July, 2023?

According to the savings experts over at, we are absolutely in luck on the Fourth of July. That is because Trader Joe’s will be open on July 4.

However, there is one thing to note when it comes to the store being open. While they are typically open 8 AM until 9 PM on weekdays, on Tuesday, July 4 they will actually be closing early. Instead of closing at 9 PM, it seems that they will be closing at 5 PM.

This means that you will definitely need to hit the store early if you need anything for dinner (or you forgot the dessert) or you need to pick things up for the day after the holiday.

If you need more information about stores and restaurants that are open or closed for the Fourth of July, check out the rest of our holiday coverage on Guilty Eats.