Fatburger unveils meal for National Video Game Day

Fatburger Makes First Gaming Play with National Video Game Day Meal. Image Courtesy of Fatburger.
Fatburger Makes First Gaming Play with National Video Game Day Meal. Image Courtesy of Fatburger. /

Fatburger is making sure gamers feel the love, especially on National Video Game Day which is July 8th.

In honor of National Video Game Day, the brand is introducing a new limited-time Ultimate Gamer Meal. While it began on July 5th, you’re still able to get it until July 10th which is a few days after National Video Game Day.

Even if you’re not a gamer, I still feel like the Ultimate Gamer Meal is a good deal since you’re able to get a Larger Fatburger with cheese and the Works, Skinny Fries, and a Mountain Dew to finish it off. I feel like there’s nothing like a burger and fries in the summer so having it be the Gamer Meal was genius.

However, that’s not the only great deal Fatburger has going on as the restaurant is even doing a giveaway with a gaming YouTuber.

Fatburger works with Symfuhny for National Video Game Day 2023.

Even though I’ve already been over the meal, this collaboration with Symfuhny is even more exciting. Starting on July 8th, he is going to be streaming on Twitch starting at 12pm PST. Not only that but the brand is hosting a giveaway to help gamers celebrate this year.

You can visit Fatburger.com/gaming for your chance to win some custom gaming equipment which includes a new console, controllers, and headsets. Even if you’re new to gaming, that’s a huge deal. Of course, you’ll want to pair it with Fatburger’s Gamer Meal.

In addition, you’ll also get $5 off any $15.00 online order from Fatburger which is a treat in itself. Anything that can save you money and possibly result in a prize is a win in my book. If you’re near a Fatburger or want to try the Gamer Meal, make sure to do it before July 10th as that’s when this limited-time deal will end.

Of course, you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy a meal from Fatburger. You could get a burger, a chicken sandwich, or even wings. There are also fries, onion rings, and milkshakes to help complete your meal. Regardless of what you’re deciding to get, you can’t go wrong in ordering some Fatburger on National Video Game Day.

Will you be celebrating National Video Game Day with Fatburger? Let us know, Guilty Eaters! 

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