The Great American Recipe sees our cooks making to-go items and baked goods in Episode 4

The Great American Recipe. Image courtesy PBS
The Great American Recipe. Image courtesy PBS /

When it comes to interesting challenges, The Great American Recipe is doing an amazing job of reminding us that these are home cooks, who know what they are doing in the kitchen. And in episode 4, we are getting the opportunity to see our cooks make not only the perfect dish to eat on the go, but also an amazing baked good.

For their first challenge of the episode, our home cooks will have to make a “grab-and-go meal.” These are the dishes that we are eating on the run, whether for breakfast or lunch.

So what are our cooks whipping up for these delicious, portable meals in the first round?

The Great American Recipe takes on food on the go and baked goods in episode 4

The dishes for this on-the-go challenge are:

  • Relle – Canned Ham Katsu Musubi
  • Leanna – Fried Fish Sandwich with Bajan Peppa Sauce and Tostones
  • Salmah – Fry Bake and Pink Salmon
  • Ted – Gyro Pita
  • Khela – Citrus Maple Glazed Pork Steak with Kohlrabi and Fennel Wrap
  • Brad – Schnitzel Sandwich with Fried Eggplant, Hummus, and Matbucha
  • Abbe – Breakfast Burrito with Mexican Pickled Vegetables
  • Maria – Bison Meatball Salad

There were definitely some challenges in this round, with Brad even being reminded not to cook on the floor. But overall, these were some interesting dishes and they definitely felt like they fit the idea of a meal on the go.

So which of our home cooks really delivered on portable meals? According to the judges, the best on the go meals came from Abbe and Salmah.

In their second challenge, The Great American Recipe is hosting their first Bake Sale, which means creating the perfect baked goods. It’s all about creating a signature baked good or sweet treat for this “Bake Sale.”

So what are our home cooks making this time?

  • Relle – Manju with Adzuki Bean and Coconut Fillings
  • Maria – Red Corn Cookies, Two Ways
  • Salmah – Pine Tart and Cheese Roll
  • Brad – Knafeh Muffins Baked Phyllo Cups
  • Ted – Triple Chocolate Cheesecake
  • Abbe – Macaroons Two Ways: Traditional Coconut and Pina Colada
  • Leanna – Rum and Raisin Bread Pudding
  • Khela – Fudgy Brownies Topped with Ganache

After the judges tried all of the baked goods, there were some criticisms and plenty of compliments as well.

Which home cooks struggled this week, according to the judges? The least successful dishes came from Ted and Leanna.

And which home cooks came out on top? The top dishes came from Khela and Relle! In the end, the cook who came out on top following the baking challenge was Relle.

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