Haylie Duff partners with Keebler to celebrate the “Magic is Here” campaign

Haylie Duff is teaming up with Keebler for their first-ever “Magic Is Here” campaign. Image courtesy of Keebler
Haylie Duff is teaming up with Keebler for their first-ever “Magic Is Here” campaign. Image courtesy of Keebler /

Thanks to the Keebler Elves, we know that “Magic is Here.” And with the help of Haylie Duff, we are getting that reminder this summer.

The Magic is Here campaign is the first time that Keebler is going all out to spread a little more magic in the world. And that means helping to bring magical moments to families this summer.

So what exactly is the Magic is Here campaign? According to the press release from Keebler,

"Nationwide, consumers can win some elfin magic by participating in the Magic Is Here Sweeps – a chance for families to win cash from Keebler’s $100k summer fun prize pool. Once entered, entrants who are chosen at random will be notified immediately of how much money their families have won, which Ernie himself will deliver via Venmo. In addition, Ernie and the Elves have developed the Magic Ideas Generator, which shares unique ideas and inspiration for how to spend the summer with family-friendly fun activities."

We had the chance to chat with Haylie Duff about her Keebler partnership and her own summer magic.

Haylie Duff talks about her Keebler partnership with Guilty Eats

Haylie Duff is teaming up with Keebler for their first-ever “Magic Is Here” campaign. Image courtesy of Keebler
Haylie Duff is teaming up with Keebler for their first-ever “Magic Is Here” campaign. Image courtesy of Keebler /

Guilty Eats: What made you decide that you wanted to work with Keebler on this Magic is Here campaign?

Haylie Duff: “Well, it was not a hard decision because as soon as I saw just the concept of the campaign in general, it really spoke to me because I felt like I connected to it on so many levels. Like as a parent this is what I think about when I’m laying in bed at night going to sleep. What am I going to do with my kids tomorrow? How do I make their day special? How do I make a special memory for them tomorrow, like the summers just go by really fast?

And you know when you’re a kid, I remember the summers felt like they lasted forever. But for me, I feel like they just fly by. I blinked and Ryan’s second grade year of school was over. We’re really trying to slow down. We’re really trying to focus on each other and make these little moments of magic for my girls whenever we can. And that doesn’t mean doing big things. It just means like doing concentrated things. Special things like go get a little thing of bubbles and leave my phone inside. You know focus on that. Or like, it doesn’t have to be over the top stuff. And the truth is, I think that when we do little things with our kids, those are the stuff that they like the most. My kids love when I just spray them with the hose in the yard. And I know that’s so silly but like they get the biggest kick out of it. It makes them laugh. They run around like what I did as a kid. So it’s not like they need to be taken to a big theme park or all that. They just want to do a little fun kid things and we forget that sometimes as grownups, you know?

So I just love that Keebler was helping families create those moments of magic together. And I also loved that they have this magic idea generator on their website, if you’re struggling to come up with ideas to do with your kids, because I also have that problem too. And you can just click through and they’ll give you a million ideas for little fun things to do. Like go on a nature walk or you know, make a time capsule or bake cookies. Just little fun things that will make a great memory for you and your child.”

GE: What are some of your favorite snacks for summer, because obviously making moments is snack time?

HD: “It’s very hot here in Texas right now. So we do a lot of like, my kids will have a snack tray. So they’re in the pool a lot during the summer, so we do carrots and ranch or like a bunch of fruit. They love anything that we can put in the fridge. The Fudge Stripes we actually discovered are very good stuck in the freezer. That has become a new fan favorite around our house. My girls are like stick them in the freezer, because the chocolate like melts really quickly when you take them outside. So they’ve been sticking them in the freezer pretty often.

My kids love like chips and guac. We do taco night around here a lot. So like little finger foods and things that they can help cook.”

GE: And of course we are Guilty Eats, so what is your guilty eat?

HD: “Oh girl my guilty eat! I mean what is not my guilty eat? I feel like everything’s guilty these days. I’m getting old. Let’s see, I mean fried chicken is one of my guilty eats. I like spicy stuff. I don’t have a big sweet tooth. If I’m eating something guilty, it’s like something that’s either crunchy or fried.”

We love a good sweet treat from Keebler any day and of course, like Haylie Duff, we are here for the fried chicken too. And we are pretty excited for this Magic is Here campaign as well, as it will definitely bring the fun to summer.

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