Great Food Truck Race Episode 6 takes on “Family Food”

The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network
The Great Food Truck Race. Image courtesy Food Network /

There are only four trucks left in the race to win The Great Food Truck Race for season 16. And it’s a dead heat with two pros and two rookies still in the fight. This means that everything is on the line as we head into episode 6 of the David vs Goliath season.

While there has been plenty of drama on this season of The Great Food Truck Race, at the end of the day this is about the food and the chance to win $50,000. So it’s time to move on from that and get back to the competition.

For the first challenge of episode 6, “Family Food,” it was all about taking iconic family recipes and turning them into a vegan recipe. And whichever team wins over our judge for the episode, Evanice Holz, will get $300 added to their till. Of course, there is also the selling challenge that will earn one team an advantage on day two.

It sounds like this challenge might just be perfect for the Easy Vegan food truck, but we all know that this is anyone’s game. At the same time, we love that they are opting for a pierogi dish for this challenge, as it does seem like the kind of dish that people will love.

The Great Food Truck Race takes on family dishes with the final four trucks

After whipping up their vegan dishes for this challenge, all the dishes are judged by Tyler and Evanice. Khana went first and got a few notes from Evanice on how to make their curry better. There were no notes for Easy Vegan. D’Pura Cepa got a note that they may want to consider adding a bit of heat to their dish. And finally Da Bald Guy’s only note was perhaps adding some brightness.

Following the tasting, the trucks are opened for business without anyone knowing who won over our challenge judge. And right away, some trucks seem to be on fire with selling their specials, while others are making the sales but not of the vegan dish.

After a busy day of selling, which team won the $300 bonus for the taste challenge? That would be the Easy Vegan!

But which team won the overall selling challenge? Once again, the winners were the Easy Vegan.

For day two, the food trucks will be pairing up and averaging out their money at the end of the day. As their selling challenge advantage, the Easy Vegan got to choose who they would be partnering up with and they chose D’Pura Cepa. This also meant that Khana and Da Bald Guy will be pairing up.

On day two, they have to take inspiration from Tyler’s family dishes and reinterpret the dishes and there is $400 up for grabs for their tills. (There seems to be $200 for the tasting challenge and $200 for a selling challenge.)

The Easy Vegan redid chicken and dumplings. D’Pura Cepa is revamping mac and cheese. Khana got Tyler’s fried chicken to reimagine. And finally Da Bald Guy is revamping a banana pudding recipe.

With the weather against them, the teams are fighting for every sale. But at the same time, it is clear that each of the trucks is doing what they can to bring over the customers.

According to Tyler, his favorite bite of food came from Da Bald Guy with their reimagining of his banana pudding recipe. And that means that they earned $200 extra in their till. But there is still another $200 up for grabs and that went to D’Pura Cepa!

So what does all of this mean for rankings and who will be leaving The Great Food Truck Race?

In first place we have D’Pura Cepa. Right behind them in second place was the Easy Vegan! This means that Da Bald Guy and Khana are at the bottom and one truck will be going home. And the team going home is sadly Da Bald Guy.

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