Great American Recipe: Episode 5 preview with a look at holiday traditions

The Great American Recipe. Image courtesy PBS
The Great American Recipe. Image courtesy PBS /

The Great American Recipe is already at their fifth episode of the second season and that means it time for holiday traditions and special occasion dishes.

We all know that many of us have special dishes that we turn to when we are talking about special events within our family or even those holiday gatherings. These are the dishes that we expect to find on any table when we are gathering with our loved ones. So it makes sense that The Great American Recipe is making sure that they are spotlighting those amazing dishes.

And for the fifth episode of Season 2, we got a chance to see an exclusive clip of what we can expect to see from our cooks. In this clip we get to hear from Khela. And she is making a play off of one of her favorite brunch dishes and it is something that anyone can make at home, a quiche.

The Great American Recipe gives us special occasion and holiday tradition dishes in episode 5

As part of the backstory behind her dish, Khela shares that she has a special women’s brunch that she does that brings together important women in her life. These are friends and family members who mean so much to her and this dish is inspired by them and the brunch that they share with each other.

We also get to see Graham Elliott stop by for a chat in this clip. And we love how he embraces the recipe, while also offering some help to make sure that the dish is the very best that it can be.

Towards the end of the clip, we also get a tease of what Brad is making for one of the challenges for episode 5. And if you are curious, he is making a rack of lamb which already looks amazing even before getting cooked up.

We are really excited for this episode and we can’t wait to see what recipes are shared by our home cooks. Holiday and special occasion dishes are always some of our favorites, and we love to see what other people are bringing to the table.

But if you want a teaser of episode 5 of The Great American Recipe, check out the clip here:

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