The Tombstone Bar Snacks Pizza is a dream come true

TOMBSTONE Drops Dive Bar Inspired Pizza. Image Courtesy of Tombstone.
TOMBSTONE Drops Dive Bar Inspired Pizza. Image Courtesy of Tombstone. /

Tombstone is a mainstay when it comes to comfort food and the brand is doubling down on toppings with the Bar Snacks Pizza.

With a name like Bar Snacks Pizza, I’m sure a lot of ideas floated into your mind. When it comes to bar snacks, there are so many options. Whether you’re a mozzarella stick fan, enjoy jalapeno poppers or onion rings, everyone has a preference.

Personally, I’m a mozzarella stick fan so it’s nice to see Tombstone incorporating it on this new Bar Snacks Pizza. As shared by the brand: The pizza “is piled high with gooey mozzarella sticks, zesty fried pickles and fried onions. It’s finished off with spicy jalapeno slices and nacho cheese sauce, bring the boldest, craziest bar bite straight to your home.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds oddly delicious.

Bar food might not be the best for you, but Tombstone is making sure you can get a taste of everything with this fun new giveaway to try out the Bar Snacks Pizza.

The Bar Snacks Pizza from Tombstone is a pie for bar food lovers!

TOMBSTONE Drops Dive Bar Inspired Pizza. Image Courtesy of Tombstone. /

As with most of these fun and unique items, there’s a giveaway to win your very own Bar Snacks Pizza. Thankfully, entering the giveaway is simple since all you have to do is enter on the website and wait to see if you’re a winner. I don’t know about you, that’s as simple as putting a Tombstone pizza in the oven.

Bar food is good on its own but adding it to a pizza is a unique collision of flavors no one could have anticipated. Considering that Tombstone began in a bar, it makes sense that the brand would go back to its roots. This comes out just in time for International Beer Day which is August 4th so hopefully you’ll end up being a lucky winner.

If not, you can just customize your favorite Tombstone pizza with additional toppings. Then again, sometimes, the plain Tombstone is what’s the best. Either way, this new Bar Snacks Pizza is one of the most unique pizzas I’ve ever seen and I know I’d love to give it a try. Regardless if you’re excited about it or a little scared, the Bar Snacks Pizza is one of those food items you’ll see and never forget.

As I said even if you don’t win, there are still plenty of tasty Tombstone pizza options. You can customize those to your own tastes. Ultimately, the pizza is in your hands so it’s up to you to create something as epic as the Bar Snacks Pizza.

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