Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares returns in September

Ask any foodie and they’ll tell you that Kitchen Nightmares was one of Gordon Ramsay‘s most entertaining culinary shows, hands down. Between it and Hell’s Kitchen, the two shows cemented the image of Ramsay as one of the most talented and loudest chefs on television.

Last seen in 2014, Kitchen Nightmares saw Ramsay go into a restaurant that was in desperate need of help and try to turn it around. It usually involved a makeover of the space and the menu as well as a lot of tough love to try and make the owners see the error of their ways.

It was great television and was a smash hit for Fox. Which is why so many people were surprised when the series ended after seven seasons. It turned out Ramsay was catching a lot of flack from people who didn’t appreciate how blunt and honest he was being. Add in the fact many of the restaurants ended up back in trouble and he just didn’t want to deal with it, which led to the series ending.

Flash forward a few years and Ramsay admitting that ending Kitchen Nightmares was a mistake he made in a moment of anger. The result? The return of the series this coming September.

Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay returns to Fox this September 25.

Fox announced the return of the series back in May of this year and now we know that Kitchen Nightmares will be back on Monday, September 25 at 8 PM. It will once again feature Ramsay going to restaurants that are in desperate need of help to turn things around and offering assistance.

As it turns out, fans will be getting a double dose of Gordon Ramsay this year as Season 22 of Hell’s Kitchen premieres later the same week on Thursday, September 28.

Now, given the reason the series ended a decade ago, can we expect to see a softer, kinder Gordon Ramsay in Season 8? Don’t bet on it.

Ramsay has spent years creating an image of a chef and food personality that is blunt and brutally honest but also really wants you to succeed. So expect the Gordon Ramsay you have come to know and love when you tune in.

So get ready for Season 8 of Kitchen Nightmares when it arrives on Fox later this year as some lucky restaurants are given a second chance at success.

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