Five sweets that have changed their names over the years

Mars Wrigley will invest $175 million in Topeka to add Milky Way and 3 Musketeers production lines, the company announced Tuesday.Mars Wrigley 4
Mars Wrigley will invest $175 million in Topeka to add Milky Way and 3 Musketeers production lines, the company announced Tuesday.Mars Wrigley 4 /

Sweets are amazing. We all find ourselves craving for something sweet some time or other. Growing up, I just could not resist Snickers. Every time my family went out to get groceries, I always found myself grabbing a bar just before we checked out.

However, did you known that Snickers was once marketed under the name “Marathon” in the United Kingdom and Ireland? And that Snickers came from the name of the Mars family’s favorite horse (this has nothing to do with the piece, I included it because I found it adorable)?

It is true, though. It also makes you wonder how many sweets have undergone name changes over the years. Sometimes, our favorite sweets undergo makeovers and as a result, their name is changed.

Without further ado, here is a list of five sweets that have undergone name changes. How many were you aware of?

Five sweets that have changed their name in recent years


Originally, this candy was known as Opal Fruits when it was first introduced in 1960. In 1967, it was introduced to the United States as M&M’s Fruit Chewies. Eventually, the name was changed to Starburst. However, the candy still went by its original name of Opal Fruits in the UK and Ireland. By 1998, the name was phased out and changed to Starburst to standardize the product in a globalized marketplace.


First produced in 1967 in the UK, Twix was known as Raider across much of Europe until 1991. Turkey, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden knew the chocolate bar as Raider as late as 2000. The name was eventually changed to match the brand name.


Created in Sweden in the 1950s, Daim was launched as Dajm throughout Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. In 1990, it was renamed Daim in most countries, although it was marketed as Dime in the UK and Ireland until 2005.

Mini Gems

Known as Midget Gems as recently as 2022, the name was changed following a campaign that complained that the original name was offensive to those with Dwarfism. Marks and Spencer were the first to announce the change in January 2022. Later that year, Tesco and Maynards Bassetts followed suit.

After Eight Bitesize

These were first known as Mintola. In 1995, they were renamed Mint Munchies. The chocolate was brought under the After Eight brand in 2006 and was henceforth known as After Eight Bitesize.

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