Keebler adds limited-edition Looney Tunes packaging

Keebler Launches Limited-Edition Looney Tunes Cookies. Image Courtesy of Keebler
Keebler Launches Limited-Edition Looney Tunes Cookies. Image Courtesy of Keebler /

Keebler is one of the most recognizable brands out there and the cookie company is working with a few other famous faces.

In honor of Warner Bros’ 100th anniversary, the brand decided to team up with some iconic characters aka the Looney Tunes. It’s not just the Looney Tunes in regular toon forms.

On cookies as special as these, our favorite Looney Tunes characters are donning the costumes of classic DC characters, too. Just looking at the packaging, you can see that Bugs Bunny is dressed like Superman while Lola Bunny is dressed up like Wonder Woman.

I couldn’t think about two more iconic brands teaming up than Keebler and Looney Tunes but that’s not the only perk for this exciting anniversary.

Keebler x Looney Tunes team up for limited-edition cookies!

While Keebler is already known for its Fudge Stripe cookies, it’s cool to see them featuring some beloved characters. The iconic cookies aren’t the only thing you’re able to enjoy during this limited-time run.

The brand is opening up its Keelber Open For Magic Hub and making it into a Looney Tunes Mash-Up Party Game. It’s essentially a family-friendly virtual party for those who want games, activities, or even, recipes. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty great.

Currently, you can purchase these cookies at select retailers nationwide and also online so if you’re looking for them, make sure to check your local stores. If you’re really determined, you might even check a little further. Either way, there is no denying how fun this packaging is.

It’s pretty awesome to see these two brands working together and honoring Warner Bros as it turns 100. That’s a milestone in itself and pairing it with Ernie and his elves is the icing on the cake. Then again, maybe we should say the icing on the cookie!

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