Dylan’s Candy Bar is the go to place for the best lollipops

Dylan’s Candy Bar lollipops. Image courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar
Dylan’s Candy Bar lollipops. Image courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar /

Dylan’s Candy Bar is the home of some of the best candies in the world. And as a boutique candy shop, they carry a little something for everyone.

Personally, I am in love with their malted milk balls and their chocolate lollipops. But the fact that they carry so many different styles of candy means that there are so many sweets that I haven’t even tried yet.

However, when it comes to Dylan’s Candy Bar, one of the first things I often think of is their lollipops. Considering they carry the iconic swirl pop called the Whirly Pop, and even a whirly pop in a straw form, it makes sense that we would turn to them for all of our lollipop needs. (As soon as I saw the flamingo candy climber pop, I was obsessed.)

Of course, the fact that they also carry chocolate lollipops is another thing that makes them the perfect place to get all the lollipops for every occasion.

Dylan’s Candy Bar delivers when it comes to delicious lollipops

Beyond the iconic Whirly Pops, we have to talk about those chocolate lollipops. And the reason for that is because these chocolate pops are actually called their Positivity Pops. Each pop is wrapped in a colorful foil wrapper that has a positive word such as magic, peace, love, hope, and more.

The wrappers alone are enough to make us snag them, but once you bite into the chocolate, you will know that these are next level chocolates, making them even more impressive.

Honestly, when it comes to sweet treats, Dylan’s Candy Bar consistently delivers some of the best options, flavors, and bundles. From their Whirly Pops to the Chocolate Positivity Pops, they know what they are doing when it comes to lollipops, and that doesn’t even take into account all of the other treats they have to offer.

As fans of all the Guilty Eats, are you a fan of Dylan’s Candy Bar? What’s your favorite sweet treat?

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