Auntie Anne’s is looking for an Auntbassador this summer

Auntie Anne's New Pick-Your-Six Pack Menu Perfect for Oktoberfest! Imaege courtesy Auntie Anne
Auntie Anne's New Pick-Your-Six Pack Menu Perfect for Oktoberfest! Imaege courtesy Auntie Anne /

Auntie Anne’s is a must-stop when you see one and it might be a must if you’re an aunt with your favorite kiddos.

With a name like Auntie Anne’s, it’s clear the brand appreciates aunts which doesn’t always happen. We can go unrecognized at times but thankfully, I can say I’ve never felt that way as my niece and nephew are the best.

If you’re a special Auntie though, Auntie Anne’s is looking to reward you and make you an “Auntbassador.” With a title like that comes some amazing perks and ones you’ll consider adding to your regular day-to-day life.

Of course, I’m sure all of my fellow aunts want to know the scoop on how you can become an Auntie Anne’s “Auntbassador.”

Auntie Anne’s is on the hunt for an “Auntbassador” this summer!

Whether you’re an aunt yourself or have a favorite aunt, Auntie Anne’s is making sure aunts feel the love by hosting a giveaway which you can enter by: “Aunties from all types of families, including biological, blended, chosen or otherwise, can submit a casting video explaining why they’re the coolest auntie on their TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #AuntieAnnesCasting23 and #contest now through July 31. Auntie Anne’s will announce its first-ever “Auntbassador” on Aug. 11.” As you can see, that’s pretty simple, especially for all the cool Aunties out there.

As for the prize, this is where it gets really good as the winner will receive a $10,000 shopping spree and an all-expenses paid 3-day trip to the Mall of America with their niece or nephew. I don’t know about you, but that sounds freaking amazing. I know my nephew would be throwing dinosaurs into the cart left and right but you can also twin with a fun embroidered bomber jacket.

Even if you’re not an aunt, you can still join in on the fun on July 26th. If you’re an AA Rewards member, you’ll be able to enjoy buy one, get one free pretzel. You can choose between Original or Cinnamon Sugar but either way, that’s a pretty great deal for all the aunts and non-aunts alike out there.

Auntie Anne’s is such a delicious treat and usually is great for sharing. Aunts know how it can be when it comes to sharing food or just sharing things in general. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see aunties getting some love and being celebrated by such a delightful brand.

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