Icelandic Provisions wants to inspire your next pink bake

Extra Creamy Vanilla Bean Skyr Cookies with Cherry and Walnuts. Image courtesy of Icelandic Provisions
Extra Creamy Vanilla Bean Skyr Cookies with Cherry and Walnuts. Image courtesy of Icelandic Provisions /

When it comes to yogurt brands, there are a lot on the market. However, Icelandic Provisions might stand out a bit from the crowd.

One of the reasons that Icelandic Provisions stands out in a crowded yogurt aisle is the fact that they are actually what is known as Skyr. And while Skyr is a yogurt, the way the brand explains things,

"Skyr is akin to yogurt but has a different texture thanks to the heirloom Icelandic cultures used to make it. It takes nearly four cups of milk to make one cup of Skyr, making it thicker, and creamier than yogurt."

And as part of their commitment to bringing something new to the dairy aisle, Icelandic Provisions has been giving us plenty of amazing flavor profiles to enjoy when it comes to their Skyr. Not only do they offer a vanilla flavor, but there is a pineapple, a berry medley, a strawberry & lingonberry, and even a peach & cloudberry flavor to name just a few.

But what does this have to do with baking and inspiring us to bake up something pink as we celebrate our summer of Barbie? Well, Skyr is actually a fantastic addition to a number of baked goods. And they even have some recipe inspiration for us to try.

Icelandic Provisions is thinking pink this summer with these recipes

One of their recipes is the Extra Creamy Vanilla Bean Skyr Cookies with Cherry and Walnuts, which is a next level cookie that features their Vanilla Bean Extra Creamy Skyr (it’s right there in the name after all), dried cherries, chopped walnuts, and brown sugar. It’s a pink dream of a recipe and one we actually tried for ourselves.

You can find the recipe here.

We found this cookie to be soft and flavorful, with a nice pink hue for anyone really looking to channel their inner Barbie. And we love the fact that we can either add the frosting like the recipe suggests or we can eat it as is without sacrificing anything in terms of flavor, textures, and even fun.

Another recipe they are recommending for this summer of pink is the Strawberry Lingonberry Skyr Loaf Cake. While we have yet to try this recipe, we have made a loaf cake with Icelandic Provisions before, so we already know this will end up being a winner. And we can’t wait to make this one for ourselves, as we can tell from just looking at the ingredients that this will be just as easy as the last loaf cake we made, and likely just as flavorful.

You can find the loaf cake recipe here.

The ingredients list for this loaf cake features:

"3/4 cup fresh strawberries, chopped (120 grams)1 tbsp sugar for the cake1/4 cup sugar1/2 cup dark brown sugar1 -5.3 ounces Icelandic Provisions Strawberry & Lingonberry Skyr container2 large eggs, room temp1 tsp Vanilla extract3/4 cup Olive oil1 1/2 cup all purpose flour2 tbsp almond flour1 1/2 tsp baking powder1/4 tsp baking soda3/4 tsp kosher salt1 tbsp freeze dried strawberry powdered, optional"

For the most part, these are all things we usually have on hand because we are foodies and we love to bake. So if you are anything like us, then you may already have most of these ingredients.

Check out the rest of the recipe at the link above and make sure you let us know if you whip up either of these pink creations.

We are always down to bake up something new and tasty. And if it happens to coincide with the theme of the summer, we are even more excited to make magic in the kitchen.

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