Mingle Mocktails’ Summer Pool Pack is cute and tasty

Enjoy Mingle Mocktails' new seasonal Summer Pool Pack. Image Courtesy of Mingle Mocktails
Enjoy Mingle Mocktails' new seasonal Summer Pool Pack. Image Courtesy of Mingle Mocktails /

Everyone is always talking about how great cocktails are but no one talks about an amazing mocktail. Mingle Mocktails is here to change the conversation.

A female-founded company, Mingle Mocktails is all about having fun without having to drink alcohol. As someone who is not a big drinker, I was all about this, and the brand also recently launched its Mingle Summer Variety Pool Pack.

Whether you’re hanging by the pool or not, you can still enjoy these tasty drinks from Mingle Mocktails. No matter if you’re hosting a lot of people or just having a chill night with friends, this exciting new Summer Variety Pool Pack is worth checking out.

You can enjoy these in 6-packs, 12-packs, or even 24-packs if you’re planning on entertaining a crowd. Regardless, having a mocktail on hand is something people don’t really think of but Mingle Mocktails is changing the conversation.

Mingle Mocktails is a beautiful and tasty choice for non-drinkers.

Looking at the new Summer Variety Pool Pack, talk about cute. Before we get into the flavors, can I just say that this packaging is adorable? It’s bright and fun which makes it perfect for summer. Plus it’s a limited release so you’ll have to get your hands on them as soon as you can.

Mingle Mocktails
Enjoy Mingle Mocktails’ new seasonal Summer Pool Pack. Image Courtesy of Mingle Mocktails /

As for the flavors, each pack comes with Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, Cranberry Cosmo, Blood Orange Elderflower Mimosa, Key Lime Margarita, and Cucumber Melon Mojito. Sounds pretty delicious and a great mix of flavors for those who are looking to try a little bit of everything.

All of the flavors are also vegan and gluten-free if you have restrictions. You can also add these to something else or just enjoy them in the can. I can’t lie and say that Mingle Mocktails didn’t hook me. There is something about the brand, its packaging, and its mission that I immediately connected with.

As shared by the brand: “We’re here to celebrate your choice and your spirit, whether you choose not to booze for a day, week or forever. We want to foster inclusion, social connection and fun to include everyone, whether or not you choose to drink.” That really resonated with me as someone who isn’t a big drinker. I can also attest that these mocktails walk the walk as they’re incredibly cute and taste good.

Regardless if you’re a drinker or not, I’d recommend trying Mingle Mocktails, especially during pool season. Of course, it’s up to you now, Guilty Eaters.

Will you be trying out Mingle Mocktails this summer? Let us know in the comments! 

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