Philadelphia just launched a plant-based cream cheese spread

Philadelphia Plant-Based Cream Cheese. Image courtesy Philadelphia
Philadelphia Plant-Based Cream Cheese. Image courtesy Philadelphia /

For over 150 years, Philadelphia has been the leading brand of cream cheese. For the first time in forever, they released their brand new plant-based cream cheese spread.

So many people, whether it be by choice or for medical reasons, have been looking to add in more plant-based foods and drinks into their diets; this is the perfect item for all of those cream cheese lovers out there who also just so happen to be Vegan as well!

Let’s take a look at the brand new plant-based cream cheese spread from Philadelphia!

Before Philadelphia entered the market of plant-based cream cheeses, so many different studies were done on other similar products; what that found was that less than half of the people that tried such a product became a repeat customer. When it comes to Philly’s try at this particular product, they saw their repeat purchases nearly double.

Many people may wonder if a plant-based cream cheese spread will still taste or feel similar to the real stuff. Here’s what Philadelphia promises to deliver on:

"“Philly fills that gap by delivering on the taste, texture, and ingredients that plant-based cream cheese lovers are craving.”"

Initially, the company just released a plain flavor. Once that completely took over the market was was rated ‘exceeds expectations’ on many people’s minds, they just recently decided to add Strawberry and Chive & Onion into their repertoire as well!

Philly’s plant-based cream cheese spread is a part of an effort on Heinz’s part in order to “bring plant-based offerings to the masses”. Personally, even though I’m not Vegan, I think that this is nothing short of a great idea!

Here are some reviews of their product from online Target Shoppers:

  • One person stated that even though the texture is just a bit harder than normal cream cheese, that once’s it’s on a warm bagel and melting, you simply can’t tell the difference
  • Another person stated that they’re allergic to so much and are happy that they can finally eat cream cheese again, given that it’s so similar to the real stuff
  • One final person stated that it’s simply the best plant-based cream cheese that they’ve ever had and that it tastes and feels right on a bagel with some delicious smoked salmon

These delicious new Vegan alternatives are available at all of your local grocery stores and other retailers and are currently going for $5.69 for an 8-oz. tub over at Target!

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That’s a wrap on this Vegan alternative product round up! What do you think? Will you be buying and trying this product or know someone who could benefit from doing so? Which flavor do you think will taste the best? Let us know down in the comments below! Eat up and enjoy, y’all!!