Lunchables adds fresh fruit varieties for back-to-school

Lunchables x Del Monte. Image courtesy Lunchables
Lunchables x Del Monte. Image courtesy Lunchables /

Lunchables have been a staple in lunchboxes for decades. Now, the brand is adding some produce to its already stacked offerings.

While Lunchables are known for being unhealthy, they’re quick and tasty especially if you’re a kid. If you’re a parent, you might be wanting something more and the brand heard you.

Beginning in August 2023, kids and adults alike can enjoy classic Lunchable offerings with fresh fruit as a side. Whether these products are being taken to school, eaten as a snack, or shared, this is a first for a beloved brand.

If you’re in the Southern U.S., then these should either already be hitting shelves or be getting ready to be added to your produce section.

Lunchables adds new Fresh Fruit varieties for back-to-school 2023.

Lunchables x Del Monte. Image courtesy Lunchables /

Currently, the company has rolled out a few options, and honestly, all of them sound pretty great. You can enjoy the classic Ham and Cheddar Cracker Stackers with either Fresh Apples or Fresh Pineapples. As for the other options, you can either have Turkey and Cheddar Cracker Stackers with Fresh Grapes or Fresh Clementines.

It was a no-brainer to pair these cracker stackers with fruit as it’s going to be a bit more balanced. I don’t really see nachos and fruit going together but since cracker stackers are like a sandwich, it makes more sense. Plus it’s a lot better than having chocolate or a cookie which can make you sluggish.

In a press release shared by the brand, it’s clear people enjoy Lunchables but want something a “bit more” with them: Lunchables with Fresh Fruit is a ripe example of how we are quickly moving to introduce new offerings rooted in real consumer needs. Teaming up with Fresh Del Monte helps accelerate the innovation our brand strives for, lending its expertise in fresh produce to expand the delicious, buildable and real food experience we provide for kids.”

While these are currently rolling out in the Southern U.S., I’m curious to see if other Northern areas get them. I know that I’d love to try them and often enjoy having fruit around lunchtime. Plus even as an adult, there is no denying how tasty Lunchables are.

Will you be buying these or trying them for back-to-school 2023? Let us know your thoughts on Lunchables with Fresh Fruit below! 

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