Nails.INC x Froot Loops team up for delightful collection

Froot Loops cereal-inspired nails by Nails Inc. London. Image courtesy Kellogg's
Froot Loops cereal-inspired nails by Nails Inc. London. Image courtesy Kellogg's /

Froot Loops is a classic and beloved cereal and with the rise in love for nostalgia, Nails.INC is making a move.

In particular, the two brands decided to come together for a unique yet undeniably great collection. Released on August 1st, this is a colorful and fun collection of nail polishes for both the foodie in your life and the beauty guru.

While some people don’t always associate beauty and food, the two worlds have been colliding, and the latest is from Froot Loops and Nails.INC is everything you never knew but always wanted as a kid.

Maybe you were a fan of the cereal or just want a few more fruity-scented products in your beauty arsenal, but the pictures and prices prove it’s worth looking into if you’re interested in trying this collection out.

Nails.INC x Froot Loops will make your nails look and even smell nice.

If you want to purchase, you’ll be happy to know that you can buy these from either Nails.INC’s website or Amazon. Regardless of which avenue you decide to go, you know you’ll be getting a quality product.

Nails.INC, Froot Loops
Froot Loops cereal-inspired nails by Nails Inc. London. Image courtesy Kellogg’s /

If you’re more interested in the scents and colors, there are two options. You can either grab single bottles or duos. For the duos, you can enjoy the Yellow which is “Live Life Loopy” and Pink which is “Face the Fruit.” As for the single shades, there’s Neon Turquoise which is “Toucan Sam Approved,” Neon Green which is “Ce-real Talk, Neon Yellow which is “Feeling Fruity” Neon Orange which is “Toucan Play at that Game” and lastly Neon Pink which is “#FollowYourNose.”

For the singles, you’ll be paying $7.99 while the duos are $14.99. The real magic happens when the polish dries though as the fruity and sweet scent comes out. For those who always enjoyed scented markers as kids, I know you feel seen by this product and frankly, it’s a lot of fun.

I can only hope more brands follow the lead of Nails.INC and Froot Loops. There is no shortage of people looking for scented beauty products or those looking to support two of their favorite brands.

What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be purchasing anything from the new Nails.INC x Froot Loops collaboration? 

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