Celebrate National S’mores Day with Ferrero products

Ferrero's National S'mores Day Recipes 2023. Image Courtesy of Ferrero.
Ferrero's National S'mores Day Recipes 2023. Image Courtesy of Ferrero. /

S’mores is one of those quintessential summer desserts which is why National S’mores Day falls on August 10th.

S’mores are one of those treats that can be customized in a million different ways. No longer are some just toasting up marshmallows and putting them together with chocolate and graham crackers. Of course, you don’t always want to mess with a classic.

Thankfully, Ferrero was kind enough to share some fun recipes in honor of National S’mores Day that might surprise you. Some are a take on classic S’mores with a twist while others are taking the classic treat and revamping it in an entirely new way.

Whether you’re a fan of Nutella or Crunch bars, or just want something new to try, then these National S’mores Day recipes from Ferrero are a must this August.

Try these National S’mores Day recipes from Ferrero.

Let’s start with the picture above and that’s the Crunch S’mores. With something like that, it seems a bit obvious but you’re just using a Crunch Bar as your chocolate of choice. I feel like that’s one a lot of us S’mores lovers have tried in the past. Keeping with the Crunch bar theme, you can take things a step further by adding Butterfinger and Baby Ruth into the mix.

This one is a bit more complex so I’m going to include the recipe below but these are Ferrero’s take on S’mores on a Stick:

National S'mores Day
Ferrero’s National S’mores Day Recipes 2023. Image Courtesy of Ferrero. /

"“Place each type of chocolate chip in a separate bowl, add 1 tbs. of butter to each and melt over a double boiler until smooth and shiny.  Chop the graham crackers finely, place in a deep bowl and set aside.  Insert a pointed lollipop stick into the top of each marshmallow and place on a large baking sheet lined with bakers’ parchment.  Make sure the stick is securely into the marshmallow.  Lightly blow-torch the marshmallow to a golden-brown color and allow to cool.  While the chocolate is still quite warm, dip and roll each marshmallow into the melted chocolate, when the chocolate stops dripping, roll into the Butterfinger® Baby Ruth® Buncha Crunch® completely covering the side of the chocolate.  Then dip the bottom of the chocolate into the graham crackers, forming a foot or base for the marshmallow to stand.  Take the remaining melted chocolate from each type and drizzle on the marshmallows. Place on a sheet pan to set completely, and chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes before serving. Makes 15 Marshmallow s’mores.”"

That is one of the most complex recipes so let’s get back into something a bit simpler. As with the Crunch S’mores, the brand also shared a Keebler’s Fudge Stripe S’mores recipe in which you sub in the graham crackers and chocolate for the Fudge Stripe Cookies. You’ll still be getting all of the same taste but without much mess. If you’re still looking for the classic S’mores taste but want to add something to the mix, then try adding Nutella to your graham crackers before adding your toasty marshmallow.

If you’re feeling like all of those are too much, then you can grab a bag of Fannie May’s S’mores Mix which is chocolate-dipped marshmallows with graham cereal. You get all of the fun of s’mores without the fire and all the mess. Sometimes, simple is the best way as there’s no wrong way to celebrate National S’mores Day. I’d like to thank Ferrero for sending me these recipes and some goodies to help me celebrate.

How will you be celebrating National S’mores Day, Guilty Eaters? Let us know in the comments! 

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