A.1. shares tips for restaurant quality steak at home

A.1. Culinary Expert Tips for Restaurant Quality Steak At Home. Image Courtesy of A.1.
A.1. Culinary Expert Tips for Restaurant Quality Steak At Home. Image Courtesy of A.1. /

Even if you’re not a huge meat eater, you recognize A.1. Whether you’re a fan or not, there is no denying the brand knows a thing or two about steak.

When it comes to cooking meat though, things can go awry quickly. If you turn your back just once, there could be a disaster. That’s also something you can deal with when you have kids so it’s a two-way street.

Bad joke aside, A.1. knows how high prices have gotten and thus knows some of its consumers have to stay home. Going out to eat used to be something fun and decently-priced but now, it feels like going out to eat with a family of four is going to cost you entirely too much.

That’s why I’m so happy to share some of these culinary tips from the experts at A.1. because they know steak and there’s no way they’ll steer you wrong if you’re looking to save a buck.

A.1. Shares tips for restaurant-quality steak at home for those cutting costs.

Even if you’re not cutting costs, you can still use these tips for improving your steak game and that’s always something to get excited about. Of course, these will translate well to the grill before you pack it away for the summer so let’s get into them.

If you’re a fan of a saucy steak, then the first tip shared by A.1. is not to dip it in your favorite sauce but rather, finish it off with A.1. and butter by basting it. You’ll still get all of the same flavors but without losing any of the delicious juices or anything else getting lost in the sauce. It happens to everyone, but A.1. knows exactly how to avoid it without still allowing you to get the same flavor.

As for those who want to marinade their steaks, one common misconception is to only marinade for a little while aka 30 minutes. As shared by the culinary experts, it’s best to marinade your steak for at least 4-6 hours and if possible, let it stay in the marinade for 24 hours. As someone who works in a meat department, I can attest to this one as the longer it marinades, the better the steak will be.

Last but not least, the one tip that is quintessential for cooking restaurant-quality steaks at home is to let the steak sit on the counter for 30 minutes before cooking. Letting it sit at room temperature for those 30 minutes will allow for more even cooking. If you’re in a rush, you can skip this but I think you’ll see a difference if you decide to leave it out.

Hopefully, these tips from A.1. will help if you’re looking to enjoy a steak over the weekend or just want to fire up the grill on a weeknight. If you decide to use any of these tips, I’d love to know which cut you used and also if you use any A.1. products while cooking your favorite steak.

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