Sanzo partners with COVRY to give us a new sunglass line inspired by their sparkling water flavors

COVRY x Sanzo Launch Asian Fruit-Inspired Sunglass Line
COVRY x Sanzo Launch Asian Fruit-Inspired Sunglass Line /

There are some collaborations that are meant to be. And the collaboration between Sanzo and COVRY is definitely one that feels like a perfect fit.

If you have yet to try Sanzo, we need to change that. As far as sparkling water brands go, Sanzo is definitely one not to sleep on. The flavors pop and bring something unique to the water aisle. Not only do they have flavors like Lychee, Pomelo, Yuzu, and Mango, but the colors of the cans are enough to have us wanting to become social media influencers.

And that’s one of the reasons why their collaboration with COVRY is so special. The sparkling water brand is bringing something special to the table and so is COVRY. Both brands are also special in the fact that COVRY is an AAPI-founded eyewear line, while Sanzo is said to be the first Asian inspired sparkling water brand.

Sanzo and COVRY partner together to give us the perfect line of colorful sunglasses

COVRY x Sanzo Launch Asian Fruit-Inspired Sunglass Line /

As part of their collaboration, fans of both brands can get sunglasses that are inspired by three distinct flavors of Sanzo sparkling water. There is a green pair of sunglasses inspired by the Calamansi flavor. Then we have the pink pair of sunglasses inspired by the Lychee flavor. And finally there is the yellow sunglasses inspired by the Yuzu flavor. All three sunglasses are next level fashion and perfect for the end of summer and beyond.

According to the press email we received about this launch,

"The COVRY x Sanzo capsule collection, available on, features a new COVRY silhouette in three colorways inspired by Sanzo: Lychee, Calamansi, and Yuzu with Ginger. Each co-branded pair, made from plant-based materials, retails at $125, and reflects Sanzo’s essence through thoughtfully crafted frame colors and a charming fruit decal."

If you want to get your own pair of the COVRY x Sanzo sunglasses, they are currently on sale on the COVRY website. These will only be around for a limited time, so if you want a pair (or all three), now is the time to grab them.

I have to say that I absolutely love both the Sanzo sparkling water and COVRY sunglasses. And bringing these two brands together is not only fitting, but it is truly a perfect match. The colors pop and the sparkling water sings on the taste buds. And together the two products make the perfect combination to end the summer with.

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