Here’s what Jimmy O. Yang has to say about his HelloFresh partnership

T-Pain & Jimmy O. Yang Team Up with HelloFresh to Offer Limited Edition Recipes
T-Pain & Jimmy O. Yang Team Up with HelloFresh to Offer Limited Edition Recipes /

When it comes to delicious meals you make at home, there are a number of meal kit delivery services to choose from. And HelloFresh is definitely a great choice for a wide range of home cooks, from the more adventurous cook to the beginners.

In one of their latest moves to bring unique flavors to a wide range of people, HelloFresh has teamed up with actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang. This partnership is shining a spotlight on what one might consider to be unexpected kitchen pairings.

For Yang’s dishes, we are talking about two very unique and flavorful dishes. They are:

  • Jimmy O. Yang’s Hoisin Chicken Flatbread
  • Jimmy O. Yang’s Pork Meatball Curry

We even got to try the Pork Meatball Curry and it was so flavorful and delicious. It was a bit of a challenge to put together, but for the most part, we made it work!

On top of trying the meatball curry dish, we also had the chance to ask Jimmy Yang some questions about this partnership. So what did he have to say about working with HelloFresh?

Jimmy O. Yang talks about his partnership with HelloFresh

Guilty Eats: What inspired you to want to work with HelloFresh on your own collection of recipes?

Jimmy O. Yang: “I’ve used HelloFresh before and I’ve always been a fan of their meals. I want to share some of my little cooking techniques and flavors with the world.”

GE: Are you a fan of cooking? And do you have any dishes you enjoy making?

JY: “I’ve always been a fan of cooking, and I’ve always been a good foodie. My first dish I started making when I was in college was spaghetti meatballs, now I’ve since expanded to some different cuisines. Some of my favorite dishes to make at home now are Thai Basil Chicken, Pesto pasta and a variation of curries.”

GE: What’s the best part about having your own HelloFresh meal kit?

JY: “I think it’s really fun that I can create something with HelloFresh and it will end up as someone’s home cooked dinner. It’s personal and educational and of course, delicious!”

GE: Are the meatballs a dish you make yourself? And is this something you eat often?

JY: “Yes! Meatballs and curry are two of my favorite things, so it’s absolutely my dream to combine the two. The dish started off as me making a quick curry for lunch with some leftover ground pork I had. It turned out to be so simple and delicious that my girlfriend kept asking me to make it again. And with the help of the culinary team at HelloFresh, we are able to elevate the dish to an amazing yet still simple meatball curry. I love it, and will eat it myself everyday.”

GE: Do you prefer savory or sweet snacks?

JY: “I’m definitely a savory guy. I tend to not leave enough room for dessert because I stuffed myself with a big savory meal already.”

GE: Since we are Guilty Eats, we have to know what your guilty eat is?

JY: “Fried chicken. Every now and then, I just need to order some Popeyes or go to Roscoes and stuff my face with half a fried chicken and wash it down with some sweet tea.”

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