T-Pain talks about his HelloFresh partnership meals

T-Pain & Jimmy O. Yang Team Up with HelloFresh to Offer Limited Edition Recipes
T-Pain & Jimmy O. Yang Team Up with HelloFresh to Offer Limited Edition Recipes /

We love when meals are delicious and easy to make. And thanks to HelloFresh and their meal kit delivery service, this is something that happens often in our kitchen.

In their latest effort to inspire home cooks to try something new and bring together different flavors, HelloFresh has partnered with singer and songwriter, T-Pain! And his collaboration is definitely bringing the heat and the flavors.

For his partnership meals, the T-Pain inspired dishes are:

  • T-Pain’s Spicy Garlic Chicken Sandwiches
  • T-Pain’s Hot Chicken Mashed Potato Bowls

We had the chance to make the Hot Chicken Mashed Potato Bowls for ourselves and unsurprisingly, this was a real winner. It was relatively easy to make and it was packed full of flavors and heat. This was a great option for shaking up a normal weeknight dinner.

But what did T-Pain have to say about his partnership with HelloFresh and his own time in the kitchen?

Here’s what T-Pain had to say about his partnership with HelloFresh?

Guilty Eats: What inspired you to want to work with HelloFresh on your own collection of recipes?

T-Pain: “I have such a busy lifestyle and I’m always on the road. When I get off the road, the LAST thing I feel like doing is going to a grocery store to shop, ha!  This is a way for me to still eat good quality food and not have to run to the store to cook. So you know, I still maintain healthier eating habits.”

Guilty Eats: Are you a fan of cooking? And do you have any dishes you enjoy making?

T-Pain: “To be honest, not the biggest fan of cooking, ha! BUT HelloFresh makes it easy with all of the ingredients coming in one box and having it premeasured for the recipe. The biggest reason why I’m not a fan of cooking is because I hate looking up recipes and then going to the grocery store with a list … It’s just a lot. I can say that HelloFresh made me like it a lot more.”

Guilty Eats: What’s the best part about having your own HelloFresh meal kit?

T-Pain: “It is honestly pretty cool. We went back and forth on a lot of different recipe ideas. I wanted to make it to where it was something I’d really, actually eat on a daily basis. The HelloFresh team was great with helping me put something together that I really enjoy. Man, the first time they sent me over my recipe to try, I cooked that thing up and devoured it, hah.”

Guilty Eats: You opted for hot and spicy dishes in your meal kit, are you a big fan of spicy dishes? What is your favorite?

T-Pain: “Oh, I put hot sauce on almost everything. My parents actually used to grow all different types of crazy peppers growing up so I really lean into spice quite often. If not, things just taste bland to me. So I don’t necessarily have a favorite spicy dish because I make all my dishes spicy.”

Guilty Eats: Do you prefer savory or sweet snacks?

T-Pain: “Always savory. I really don’t eat sweets ever. My wife does though so every once in a while I’ll take a bite of something she has.”

Guilty Eats: Since we are Guilty Eats, we have to know what your guilty eat is?

T-Pain: “Oh boy. Lobster Mac and Cheese, all the way. A lot of cheese and a lot of dairy, but I can’t ever turn it down.”

(We totally agree on that lobster mac and cheese!)

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