Oscar Mayer launches hot dog straw after viral video

Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Straw. Image courtesy Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Straw. Image courtesy Oscar Mayer /

Straws are an essential part of drinking and sometimes, you have to improvise by using an Oscar Mayer Hot Dog.

Some might even call it a Hot Dog Straw. While it might seem like I’m joking, the brand is bringing back a beloved invention. Created via social media user: New York Nico, the Hot Dog Straw amassed billions of views.

From there, the brand took the next logical step which was to create its very own Hot Dog Straw from an Oscar Mayer wiener. While it might seem a bit odd at first, sometimes you have to do what you have to do in the name of thirst.

Before getting into the details, I’d like to create the original creator: New York Nico who started the trend, and now, Oscar Mayer is making sure everyone can enjoy Nico’s marvelously fun innovation.

Oscar Mayer makes our hot dog straw dreams come true.

Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Straw. Image courtesy Oscar Mayer /

Whether you’re new to this trend or just want to give it a try, you can preorder one for free. It’s while supplies last so make sure to grab one if you want it. They can be ordered via the brand’s website. If you’re wondering what exactly a Hot Dog Straw is, no worries as the company anticipated that question.

As shared via a statement from the company: “Using a delicious Oscar Mayer wiener as its muse, the Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Straw mirrors the same size and color of a delicious cooked dog and is made using food safe soft silicone to replicate the feel of a real Oscar Mayer hot dog.” While it’s not actually a real hot dog, it gives you the same effect if you were using one. I mean I’m sure a few people will try to recreate this with a real hot dog.

Regardless if you want the same look without the extra work, the brand has your back. I think this could be a gamechanger for sports fans. If you bring out one of those bad boys, it’ll be sure to spark up some conversation. It might not always be positive, but that’s the chance you take with an Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Straw.

Whether you’re bringing it out for game day or just to have fun, the brand is showing its more fun side. Sometimes, you don’t need to take life too seriously and just enjoy what you’re drinking in your hot dog straw.

What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be ordering your very own Hot Dog Straw? 

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