Bobby’s Triple Threat returns for an exciting Season 2

Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay. Image Courtesy Food Network
Bobby Flay on Beat Bobby Flay. Image Courtesy Food Network /

Last year Bobby Flay, the culinary superstar who recently re-upped with Food Network, launched Bobby’s Triple Threat. The series saw three chefs, handpicked by Flay, go up against a who’s who of Food Network stars and up and coming food personalities.

To no one’s shock, the show was a big hit. Part Iron Chef, part Beat Bobby Flay with a dash of Tournament of Champions, the series ticked all the boxes for what Food Network fans have come to expect from Flay and his brand of foodie culture.

So when Bobby’s Triple Threat was renewed for Season 2, fans were thrilled. And after watching the premiere episode this week it’s easy to see why. The series has kept the things that worked, made a few small tweaks and the result is a lot of fun to watch.

Bobby’s Triple Threat Season 2 airs on Tuesdays on Food Network.

Once again Flay has assembled his trio of titans to do the cooking for him. They include Brooke Williamson, Tiffany Derry and Michael Voltaggio. And their first challenger is a name that should be pretty familiar to Food Network fans as well as followers of Flay: Michael Symon.

Symon is an Iron Chef, a bestselling cookbook author and one of the best BBQ cooks in the country. While he hasn’t cooked competitively for a while, he was eager to see if her still had what it takes to win.

For those that may not know, Bobby’s Triple Threat works like this. In the first two rounds, the challenger goes up again an titan of their choice and Flay picks a pair of secret ingredients that they must use in two dishes. Each can score up to a maximum of 10 points awarded in a blind tasting by a guest judge. In the final round the challenger gets to pick the ingredients and up to 20 points is up for grabs. If the challenger wins, they get $25,000 in cash to take home.

Symon picked to go up against Voltaggio first in a battle that included honey and pistachios. While guest judge Naomi Pomeroy enjoyed all the dishes, she gave the two-point win to Voltaggio, which he considered a bucket list victory.

Next up was Derry in a battle that included tofu and black garlic. Again, while Pomeroy thought Symon’s dishes were good, she gave the edge to Derry. Which meant Symon would be going up against Brooke Williamson in the final round and behind in points.

For the final, Symon picked greek yogurt and beef heart as the ingredients, which played right into his strengths. Williamson put up a valiant fight but a combination of unfamiliarity with beef heart and running short of time doomed her and she ended up losing to Symon.

However, it was too little too late as Michael Symon ended up losing the overall competition by only a couple of points. He took solace in the fact he managed to beat Williamson but walked away without the cash, giving the titans their first victory of Season 2.

Will Flay’s titans manage to keep their winning streak going? We’ll find out next week when Season 2 of Bobby’s Triple Threat continues.

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