Celebrate National Red Wine Day with Proxies non-alcoholic wines

Proxies The Tasting Set. Image courtesy Proxies
Proxies The Tasting Set. Image courtesy Proxies /

It’s National Red Wine Day! It’s time to grab your favorite red, recline in tranquility, and let time slow its pace. This year, the special day falls on Monday August 28, so tread cautiously since you don’t want to wake up with a hangover, but if you want to enjoy red wine without the hangover, Proxies has the best alternative.

A wine with all the flavors found in your favorite reds minus alcohol. That’s right, Proxies offers delicious non-alcoholic wine. They have many flavors to choose from, but since this day celebrates red wines, we’ll focus on their red wines, Red Ember and Red Clay.

How Proxies Creates Alcohol-Free Wines Bursting with Flavor

Wine with alcohol is good, but it’s the blending of fruits that makes it stand out. Proxies uses an exceptional strategy, intricately combining juices, teas, spices, and bitters to create a fresh and new experience. Cofounder Charlie Friedmann says, “This isn’t easy either, and it takes a lot of work and know-how to keep things balanced, not too sweet, and maintain layers of flavor. We’ve made over 60 different Proxies, and we learn from each blend.”

Since red wine requires a lot of concentration while keeping the results dry, adding fruit can help, but it’s just juice. Proxies is looking for the perfect balance to pair perfectly with food. The Proxies team recommends pairing their Red Clay, a tart and juicy red, with charcuterie, roast duck, wild mushrooms, or medium-rare burgers. While Red Ember, the rich and spicy blend, is best with steak.

Experience the Power of Proxies

Proxies is giving a deal on all of their blends in honor of National Red Wine Day. You can buy one, get one 50% off on August 28 only. Live a little, and don’t be afraid to try non-alcoholic alternatives. Let this day be more than a mere observance; let it be an exploration of flavors reimagined, a toast to the artistry of Proxies, and a reminder that even in the absence of spirits, joy can still be poured and savored.

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