Grillo’s Pickles has everything to offer for all Pickle Lovers out there

Grillo’s Pickles. Image courtey Grillo’s Pickles
Grillo’s Pickles. Image courtey Grillo’s Pickles /

Football season is coming up, which means snacks upon snacks upon snacks! I mean, let’s be honest, snacks work at just about every occasion! With snacking season coming upon us, it’s important to think about what to serve at parties, or even just what to snack on when we’re craving it the most. Enter Grillo’s Pickles.

They literally have anything and everything that you can think of when it comes to pickle-related products. Let’s dive into just a few of them, what our thoughts are, and different recipes or uses for them that would be best!

Grillo’s Pickles is here to satisfy all of your delicious pickle cravings out there!

In no particular order, here are some of Grillo’s products that you should try, rated out of 10:

Classic Dill Spears – 8.4

These have a really nice mild flavor to them. If you’re introducing someone to trying pickles for the very first time, this is definitely the pickle to use! Just be careful with the real dill sprigs that are in there as I had to fight with a few of my teeth to get it out of, but other than that, these were very pleasant to eat. I also would make sure that you eat your spinach and gain those muscles because the jars can be kinda hard to close at times.

Here is the most perfect uses for them:

  • Hot Dog Topping
  • Snack or Charcuterie Board
  • Smoked Pimento Pickle Pepper Poppers (on Grillo’s website)

Blazing Hot Chips – 6.4

I was expecting to have to break out the fire extinguisher from behind the glass with these ones, but I was very pleasantly surprised. These weren’t as Blazin’ as they were advertising or promising, which is why they got the particular rating that they did. They weren’t bad by any means, I just personally prefer regular dill or bread and butter flavors to my pickles.

Here is the most perfect uses for them:

  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich Topping
  • Cheese and Cracker Topping
  • Keto Fried Grillo’s Chips (on Grillo’s website)

Hot Spears – 6.4

These were only slightly less hotter than the Blazin’ Hot Chips that we just talked about. They were fine, but again, I prefer my pickles to not be hot; however, if you loooooove hot pickles, then these will 100% be at the top of your lists. Be mindful not to touch your eyes and clean up after using or eating them – you’ll only be thanking my later.

Here is the most perfect uses for them:

  • Hot Dog Topping
  • Deep Fried Pickle Spears
  • Dill Pickle Potato Salad (on Grillo’s website)

Pickle de Gallo – 8.5

And onto the best for last. Okay, so I lied, this was the only product that was in any particular sort of order because I just simply had to save the best for last. This was quite possibly one of the best pickle-related or pickle-flavored products that I’ve legit every had in my whole entire life. If you’re a person who doesn’t love chunky salsa because of all of the tomatoes in it, but you love pickles, then consider this your official invitation to replace regular salsa and stick to Pickle Salsa!

Here is the most perfect uses for them:

  • Corn Chips & Dip
  • Hot Dog Topping
  • Deviled Egg Potato Salad (on Grillo’s website)

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Have you tried any of Grillo’s’ products before? If so, which ones have been your favorite? If not, then tell us what you’re waiting for! If any of these particular products, that we’ve talked about today, have caught your eye, then be sure to go and check out their website to find out where to purchase each and every one of them! Let us know your favorite way(s) to use and eat pickles down in the comments section down below! Poll of the Day: Peanut Butter and Pickles. Yes or No? Personally, it’s a yes from me! But let’s all weigh in together.