Worst Cooks in America brings the love with a French pastry challenge in “If the Choux Fits”

It’s time to learn the fine art of baking in the Worst Cooks in America Kitchen. And what could be more romantic than a little French moment. Of course, episode 6 is not just about dessert, as there is also a romantic dinner on the table as well.

For their first challenge of the episode, the Worst Cooks in American kitchen has been transformed into a stunning Parisian Cafe. For the skill drill challenge, it is all about dessert! Up first, each team has to create a pastry platter. The winning team gets an advantage in the skill drill cook, and it is one they will definitely want to win.

So what desserts are on the pastry platter? There is a Paris-Brest, an Eclair, and a Fruit Tart. And the chefs have to taste and recreate, which is apparently a challenge.

Blue team won the Fruit Tart, the Red Team won the Paris-Brest, and finally the Red Team won the Eclair. This means overall, the Red Team won.

Worst Cooks in America starts off episode 6 with desserts before taking on a romantic dinner

For the skill drill cook, Chef Jeff and Chef Anne will be teaching their recruits how to make profiteroles. And the Red Team won an advantage that allowed them to take away ingredients from the Blue Team and they chose the fruits! So for their skill drill instructions, Chef Anne taught her team how to make Almond Profiteroles with Dark Chocolate and Almonds. On the other team, Chef Jeff taught his team how to make Pistachio Profiteroles with Milk Chocolate & Sea Salt.

The recruits have to make a trio of profiteroles for their skill drill challenge. They have to shake up the toppings and the cream fillings for their profiteroles. And they also plate one naked profiterole to showcase their choux dough!

There were definitely some shells in this kitchen though, as our Worst Cooks in America recruits seemed to struggle with these profiteroles. However, there were a lot of good comments from the chefs once the recruits presented their profiteroles for judging.

The winner of the Blue Team was Jessica, while on the Red Team the winner was Sami!

For the main dish challenge, they must make a romantic dinner for two. But there will be no demo and the recruits will be on their own for this cook, with it being a “blind tasting.” They have 60 minutes and a very special pantry. For the two skill drill winners, they get to select their protein first.

Jessica picks the steak, while Sami opts for the duck. And then everyone gets to snag their protein and the rest of the ingredients for the candlelit dinner they are making.

Without Chef Anne and Chef Jeff in the Worst Cooks in America kitchen, there is definitely some drama in the kitchen, as some recruits struggle with their proteins and even some of the smaller items going along on the side.

Once the chefs return to the kitchen for the tasting, the blind judging commences with some interesting comments on the dishes, although there were some negatives with quite a few of the proteins.

The two best dishes came from Jessica (Blue Team) and Lou (Red Team).

Sadly the recruits going home are James (Red Team) and Zach (Blue Team).