Great Chocolate Showdown season 4 episode 5: Meringues, chocolate, and more

Great Chocolate Showdown -- “World of Flavour” -- Image Number: GCS405_0022 -- Photo: Joanna Bell/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
Great Chocolate Showdown -- “World of Flavour” -- Image Number: GCS405_0022 -- Photo: Joanna Bell/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved. /

Great Chocolate Showdown season 4 returned to The CW this week with episode 5. This week was a bit of a mish-mash of challenges. They didn’t really tie together the way they have in past weeks. What this week did show us is that people who seem to be at the top of their game may not stay there.

Let’s start with the first challenge! Since Sweet Safety is now off the table, all the bakers will be baking in every challenge from now on. So, the winners of this first challenge would be getting a different incentive in the elimination bake.

For this challenge, the bakers had to team up and make a colorful meringue tower as well as six desserts. Why the producers feel the need to add the extra six desserts, I have no idea. It seems so unnecessary.

So who were the teams? It was Ally and Kristen, Tim and Mike, and Emma and Ashlee. Tim and Mike made a peach-themed meringue tower, Ally and Kristen made a pastel meringue tower, and Emma and Ashlee made a rainbow candy macaron tower.

Great Chocolate Showdown was all about meringues and global ingredients this week

All of these towers were incredibly pretty, but it was Ally and Kristen who won. Their advantage was that, during the elimination challenge, they could ask one of the judges for advice.

And speaking of the elimination challenge… the bakers had to make an elegant plated dessert and feature a specific international ingredient. They chose their ingredient at random. Ally got Sumac, Tim received blue corn, Kristen chose wattle seed, Mike got adzuki beans, Ashlee received tiger nuts, and Emma chose black sesame paste.

All of these desserts actually turned out pretty well, and that’s kind of surprising considering the bakers had mostly never worked with these ingredients before.

But who came out on top? That was Ashlee! Her tiger nut Nanaimo bars with tiger nut brittle looked absolutely delicious! Would eat at any time! Tim was also in the top two with his blue corn chocolate donut (which I would die for).

So, who made the bottom two? That was Emma and Ally. Emma’s black sesame paste mochi did not impress the judges, and while Ally received advice from Steve on her caramel, she still couldn’t get it right. The judges also thought she didn’t feature Sumac enough.

As you can probably guess, Ally was the one who went home. If you only saw this episode, that wouldn’t be too shocking, but considering how well she did previously, it’s kind of surprising.

Next week on Great Chocolate Showdown, the remaining bakers must make chocolate bread and use it to make a dessert deli sandwich. They will also have to create a red-carpet dessert inspired by a genre of film.

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