Kraft Heinz joins the book world with FUNdamental textbooks

Kraft Fundamental Textbooks. Image courtesy Kraft
Kraft Fundamental Textbooks. Image courtesy Kraft /

Unless you and your kids were one of the lucky ones, school has already started before Labor Day. With all the worry about school and doing well, Kraft Heinz is throwing its hat into the ring.

The brand is releasing something that should help the littles in your life and possibly, engage them in more ways than one. Entitled the “FUNdamental Textbooks,” these are a series of educational textbooks with a twist to help get kids more excited about learning.

When you think of this brand, it’s doubtful any of us thought they’d go in the book business yet it makes sense. Food is such a massive part of a kid’s life and day so they’re going to connect more when those topics are included.

If you’re looking for something to make learning a bit more fun, then this new product from Kraft Heinz might be the solution.

Kraft Heinz introduces new FUNdamental Textbooks for the 2023 school year.

You might be wondering how the brand connects its products with learning so I’ll let the brand answer that one: “Each FUNdamental Textbook delivers an engaging ‘lesson’ on Jiggleometry (Jell-O), Nibbleomics (Kraft Mac & Cheese), Slurpstory (Capri Sun), Stackonomy & Stackophysic (Lunchables), while providing a delicious surprise snack via hollowed out pages featuring brands kids know and love.” I mean how can you go wrong with that?! They’ll be engaged and even have a snack to eat when they’re done.

Beginning today, you can order these via the brand’s website for free while supplies last. In addition, the brand will be donating $10 per book sold and a one-time donation of $50,000 to a non-profit organization. Essentially if you have a young learner in the house, then you’ll want to grab one of these since it goes towards a good cause.

Kraft Heinz has so many amazing products that are perfect for the school day and using them to help kids learn was a brilliant move. Plus everyone always loves a little treat, kids included and you’ll know your kids are getting a snack and learning something new which is always a plus.

What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be ordering a FUNdamental textbook from Kraft Heinz? 

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