MasterChef brings back “The Wall” for a double elimination

We are down to the top 8 on MasterChef and this time it is a double elimination with the help of the infamous “The Wall” challenge. And with Wayne having won the previous challenge, and no more immunity up for grabs, this means that he has a major advantage for this cook.

So what did Wayne get as an advantage? He got the chance to pick the teams! And that includes who he will be partnering with. Of course, with this being a MasterChef double elimination, this is also a chance to potentially get rid of a big threat to his game.

Wayne paired himself up with Grant, while pairing Jennifer and Reagan, Kolby and Brynn, and Kennedy and Sav. The chefs have 60 minutes to cook and just five minutes of face time together in the pantry to come up with a dish that they will be making on each side of the wall.

MasterChef brings back “The Wall” challenge and will see two people eliminated by the end of the episode

Unfortunately for Wayne, his tactic for success seems to get off to a rocky start. Not only did he and his partner forget to grab the eggs they need for their Béarnaise sauce, but they even forgot to grab the red wine for a pan reduction.

Communication is key in this challenge, and there were definitely a few issues for each other duos. And yet, for the most part it seems like each of these teams is making magic work even with having to scream over a wall.

It’s all about identical plates and flavors, and there are definitely some plates that have no chance of looking the same.

Wayne and Grant did a good job of making dishes that looked consistent. But of course, it is all down to the cook and flavors. And for the most part, they were able to deliver strong dishes that lived up to their abilities.

Next up it is time for Jennifer and Reagan to be judged on their two dishes and unfortunately they have some inconsistencies, even as they do have some consistency in those inconsistencies. For the cook itself, Jennifer has undercooked her scallops.

Kennedy and Sav are the third team up and they believe they will be identical in presentation. And they are right! They were able to do a good job, although Kennedy does have a broken sauce. Overall, these two were able to do a great job on delivering strong dishes that almost seemed like they were cooked side by side.

Finally, we have Kolby and Brynn. Unfortunately, their dishes do not look the same. It doesn’t help that Kolby’s salmon does not look cooked. And sadly, once it is cut open, it is undercooked.

At the end of the judging, we learn that the top teams were Kennedy and Sav and Grant and Wayne. However, the team going home is Brynn and Kolby.