MasterChef takes on a summer barbecue challenge for the top 9

MASTERCHEF: Contestants in the “Patio Grilling / The “Wall" episodes of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, September 6 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).
MASTERCHEF: Contestants in the “Patio Grilling / The “Wall" episodes of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, September 6 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). /

MasterChef has made it to the top 9, but for their backyard barbecue challenge, only 7 cooks will be competing, because Brynn got to choose someone to sit out. This means whoever is sitting out with her automatically advances to the top 8.

So who did she choose? In this case, she chose Reagan to be safe because she was hoping to trip up someone who may be more competition for her as the season progresses.

The Masterchef cooks have just 60 minutes to make a barbecue meal that you might find in a restaurant. In this case, we are thinking upscale barbecue plates and while some of the cooks seem ready to make magic happen, others seem to struggle a bit with this challenge.

MasterChef heads outside for a barbecue challenge to determine the top 8

For us, this was an interesting challenge for a lot of reasons. It was all about the Chefs, showing their innovation in the kitchen, as well as their creativity when it comes to taking a more simple dish and elevating it.

Some of the cooks looked like they knew exactly what they wanted to do and then delivered. At the same time, others seem to struggle with bringing things together.

We were surprised when Kennedy struggled with her dish. Considering how often she has been in the top three, it was surprising to hear the judges criticize some of the elements of her dish. MD also had some issues because of the way she grilled her fish.

Then Wayne stepped up for judging with his plate and clearly impressed the judges with his dish. They definitely appreciated the way he utilized the grill. Kolby was another cook who clearly stepped up with his plate. He got some great comments from the judges, even with a slight miss on the sweet potato.

However, only one MasterChef cook can come out on top and win an advantage for the next challenge. So who had the best dish? Wayne had the best dish!

And sadly, someone has to go home. Unfortunately, the person going home is MD.

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