These two new Spindrift Fall flavors are crisp and cool

Spindrift’s 2 new seasonal flavors are back, but only for a limited time. Image Courtesy of Spindrift.
Spindrift’s 2 new seasonal flavors are back, but only for a limited time. Image Courtesy of Spindrift. /

When one thinks of fall, certain flavors come to mind and companies know that including Spindrift.

The sparking water company released a collection of summer flavors and with the next season approaching, the brand is on it with its new fall flavors.

These two exciting flavors are only around for a limited time though so make sure if you want them, you grab them. One of these sold out within 10 days of its release and it’s while supplies last.

If you’re excited about these new flavors, we’re going to reveal them both and see if they’re part of your fall drink lineup.

Forget the PSL! Spindrift has two limited-edition fall flavors.

Without further ado, let’s get into these two new Fall flavors. First up is the Spiced Apple Cider which was the one that sold out within 10 days of release. This is Spindrift’s take on apple cider with the same delicious flavors but only 3 grams of sugar. With the apple cinnamon flavor, you’re sure to be grabbing one of these to put in your cup for work or for a chilly fall night at the bonfire.

The other fall flavor is Cranberry Raspberry. I feel like cranberry is such an underrated flavor for fall but it’s nice to see Spindrift giving it some love. With the mix of cranberry, raspberry, and even a hint of lemon juice, this is perfect for those who want some fall in their lives but also enjoy the fruiter options.

As mentioned, these are limited-time flavors that you can find on Spindrift’s website and for the first time nationwide in Target. The brand can also be found regionally in stores such as Market Basket, Fred Meyer, and Safeway. Whether you’ve tried Spindrift before or now, there is no denying these fall flavors are going to be hit with sparking water drinkers.

What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be ordering these new Spindrift flavors? 

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