What is this year’s MTN DEW VOO-DEW mystery flavor?

MTN DEW VOO-DEW is Back Again for Spooky Season. Image courtesy MTN DEW
MTN DEW VOO-DEW is Back Again for Spooky Season. Image courtesy MTN DEW /

Summer flew by and we are now gearing up for all things autumn! The grocery store shelves are stocked with all the apple and pumpkin spice flavored foods. Fall also brings a sweets-centric season with Halloween. MTN DEW is continuing their seasonal Halloween tradition with the return of MTN DEW VOO-DEW and DEW Nation is very excited!

MTN DEW VOO-DEW is returning with its fifth mystery-flavored VOO-DEW. Similar to past years, this year’s VOO-DEW has a whitish clear color and VOO-DEW Grim makes a return to the bottle’s label.

What will this year’s flavor be? Your guess is as good as mine! The only hint that has been revealed so far is that “this year’s flavor notes might remind Halloween lovers of a very particular beloved trick or treat candy.” Well, that’s not vague, is it?! “Beloved” trick or treat candy is very subjective. Most of my family’s favorite Halloween candy involves some variety of chocolate.

However, MTN DEW is known for their citrus-forward drinks. Online guesses include everything from Nerds, Smarties and cherry Pixie Stix to Sprees, Cherry Airheads and Twizzlers.

MTN DEW VOO-DEW returns for 2023!

For those unfamiliar with MTN VOO-DEW, the first flavor was released in 2019. After much speculation, the flavor was revealed as Candy Corn. Subsequent flavors, in order of release, were Fruit Candy Explosion (2020), Fruit Candy Chews (2021) and last year’s Sour Candy Flavor (2022). I think you can gather which brand-name candy these generic flavors might be referring to.

Regardless of what the new MTN DEW VOO-DEW flavor ends up being, it will come in a 20 ounce bottle and a twelve pack of 12 ounce cans and will be available in both regular and zero sugar versions. Beginning September 12th, you can find the 2023 VOO-DEW at major retailers and convenience stores. But get it quickly, as this is a limited time only flavor.

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Will you be able to guess this year’s MTN DEW VOO-DEW mystery flavor?