Snickers adds a Luck Shop for NFL fans everywhere

SNICKERS helps NFL Fans Get Lucky this Football Season. Image Courtesy of Snickers.
SNICKERS helps NFL Fans Get Lucky this Football Season. Image Courtesy of Snickers. /

Everyone is rejoicing with the NFL back, even Snickers, as the brand is making sure NFL fans are the ones not making rookie mistakes.

When it comes to being a rookie in the NFL, you feel like you’re under a microscope, and any little mistake is amplified. As an NFL fan, you’ll want to defend your favorite players and show that they’re more than just a small mistake.

That’s exactly what Snickers is hoping for with this fun new drop which will take the guesswork out of things as an NFL fan. Whether you’re a new NFL fan or player, the launch of the Snickers Luck Shop is a fun one.

Of course, everyone has different traditions when your favorite team is playing and the company is just looking to be added to the list.

Head to the Snickers Luck Store before your team hits the field!

SNICKERS helps NFL Fans Get Lucky this Football Season. Image Courtesy of Snickers. /

Maybe Week 1 wasn’t the best for your team and they’re hoping they turn it around. I mean I’m sure the New York Jets are hoping for that, too. Either way, the candy company launched its new Luck shop to hopefully help you and your team get a little bit of extra luck each week.

From now until September 26th, NFL fans can try their hand at winning the Lucky Snickers Bar Kit. All you have to do is enter your info on the website and you’ll get a chance to shop this exclusive and fun box from the brand. Inside, you’ll find “1 certifiably Lucky SNICKERS Bar, infused with the success of real Super Bowl rings and official NFL Honors trophies, 1 official Certificate of Luck, 6 equally delicious, regularly lucky SNICKERS bars, and The satisfaction of knowing you’re about to fix a Rookie Mistake.” If you’re a fan of the brand, then this is a must for your next gameday.

Regardless, I think this is such a fun idea from the company and the price tag isn’t bad either as it’s $7.77 for purchase. By registering, you’ll find out about future drops coming from Snickers NFL team partners which is worth checking out. All in all, it seems like a great deal even if you’re not able to snag a “lucky” kit for yourself.

In addition, Snickers and the NFL are bringing back “its annual SNICKERS Rookie Mistake of the Year sweepstakes.” All fans have to do is submit their rookie mistakes to the website and you have the chance at a weekly prize along with the biggest mistake resulting in a trip to the upcoming Super Bowl. Frankly, your mistake might be the ticket you’ve been waiting for.

Sometimes, it feels like the NFL is all about luck and the brand knows that so I’d suggest trying to snag one before Sunday’s group of games starts!

What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be trying to snag this “good luck charm” for your next round of Sunday Funday?  

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