Hidden Valley Ranch and Stephanie Izard launch Ranch Chili Crunch

Hidden Valley Ranch and Chef Stephanie Izard’s The Little Goat have partnered for an exciting collaboration. Starting tomorrow, consumers can purchase jars of the new Ranch Chili Crunch!

Hidden Valley Ranch is one of the most well-known ranch dressing brands. I can’t count how many chicken wings and carrot sticks I’ve dipped in this classic dressing over the years. You can also make a delicious alternative to traditional mashed potatoes by adding their ranch seasoning packet, sour cream and cheddar cheese.

Stephanie Izard was the season four winner of Bravo’s Top Chef: Chicago. I remember watching as she was crowned the winner, beating Richard Blais and Lisa Fernandes. Izard currently owns and runs several restaurants including Girl and the Goat, Little Goat, and Duck Duck Goat. She also owns This Little Goat, a product line of sauces and spices to enhance the home cooking experience.

Hidden Valley Ranch and Stephanie Izard have a tasty new collab!

This Little Goat carries a line of crunches. Ranch Chili Crunch will join the Original Chili Crunch, Chili Lime Chili Crunch and Spicy Chili Crunch. The new Ranch Chili Crunch flavor will include gochugaru chilis, puffed red quinoa, fried garlic and masa chips combined with sesame oil, chives and the classic flavors of ranch.

In a press release shared with Guilty Eats, Chef Izard noted: “I’ve always been a huge Hidden Valley Ranch fan – it’s no secret that there is always a bottle in my fridge – so I was really excited to have the opportunity to partner with them. Both Ranch and Chili Crunch make just about everything taste better, so it makes sense to put them together to create the perfect topping!”

Hidden Valley Ranch and This Little Goat, the brand created by award-winning Chef Stephanie Izard, have joined forces to introduce an exciting collaboration – Ranch Chili Crunch © 2023 Galdones Photography

What can you use the Ranch Chili Crunch on? Pretty much anything! Put some on your eggs or avocado toast. Add a spoonful to your ramen or your rice. The possibilities are truly endless.

So how can you get your hands on a jar of this Ranch Chili Crunch? The jars are available beginning September 20th, only on the This Little Goat website. The 7.48 ounce jars retail for $12.99 and will be available while supplies last.

As a fan of both Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and chili crunch, I am very excited to try this new collab! Will you be trying this new Ranch Chili Crunch?