Peace Hard Tea is headed to shelves in September 2023

Molson Coors and Coca Cola Launch Peace Hard Tea. Image Courtesy of Peace Hard Tea.
Molson Coors and Coca Cola Launch Peace Hard Tea. Image Courtesy of Peace Hard Tea. /

Everyone loves a refreshing glass of iced tea yet sometimes, you want something more. That’s why the launch of Peace Hard Tea is so exciting.

Whether you’re a fan of the brand’s non-alcoholic Peace Tea or want to add something new to your rotation, then you’ll want to try out this new Peace Hard Tea. With three flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find something you love.

Even though Peace Hard Tea is hitting shelves in September, it won’t be headed to every single store nationwide. Currently, the rollout is only happening in the Southeastern U.S. We can only hope the brand decides to roll out nationwide.

Most people associate Peace Hard Tea with summertime yet the brand knows what it’s doing launching it just in time for fall.

Peace Hard Tea is hitting shelves in the Southeast US this September!

If you’re a fan of Peace Tea without the hard stuff, then this is no doubt going to be in your cart this fall. Unlike its non-alcoholic counterparts, Peace Hard Tea is going to come in 3 flavors but let’s hope the company ends up branching out. The three current flavors are More Peace, More Lemon, Freedom of Peach and lastly, Really Really Razzy which all sound tasty in their own right.

These have 5% ABV and are perfect for having those autumn bonfires or if you’re tailgating. Of course, if you’re living in the Southeast, I’m sure it’ll end up being warmer than it is in the Northeast. We can only hope they decide to roll out nationwide closer to the spring in the Northeast.

Regardless if they do or not, at least people in the Southeast US will be able to enjoy it. If not, then we can still enjoy our favorite Peace Tea without the alcohol. As long as you’re 21 and over, you’ll be able to sample these and let us know your favorite. I’m an iced tea lover so I’m curious to see if it’s as good as the pictures make it look.

What do you think, Guilty Drinkers? Will you be grabbing a can of Peace Hard Tea this fall? 

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