3 baked goods you will want to kick off Fall 2023 with

Beatrice Bakery Debuts Grandma’s Southern Pecan Cake
Beatrice Bakery Debuts Grandma’s Southern Pecan Cake /

Fall officially kicks off on September 23 this year and that means cozy season is in full effect. And what better way is their to celebrate the start of Fall than with baked goods?

For us, we love finding new treats to enjoy and of course, you can never go wrong with something fresh baked, whether you do it yourself or you have something delivered to your door! And this season, we have found a ton of treats that we are Fall-ing in love with. But as we do our first deep dive into autumn and the spooky season, we are all about those baked goods.

Since it can be challenging to find the perfect treats for a cozy Fall day, we decided to round up three of our current favorite treats. From a treat you bake yourself to two that you can have delivered to your door, here are three baked goods we can’t resist this season.

3 of the best baked goods to enjoy this Fall

Beatrice Bakery Debuts Grandma’s Southern Pecan Cake
Beatrice Bakery Debuts Grandma’s Southern Pecan Cake /
  • Southern Pecan Cake from Beatrice Bakery – We had the chance to give this amazing cake a try for ourselves and we fell in love. This cake was not too sweet and really packed a flavorful punch. Not only that, but the brand offers some other amazing cakes that will keep you coming back for more. For us, the other amazing treat is definitely the Chocolate Rum Cake, which is out of this world delicious. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Beatrice Bakery products, at least based on what we have tried. (We really want to try their banana bread and the pumpkin loaf next because the Pecan Cake was definitely a win for breakfast breads.)
  • Challah Bread from Challah Back Girls™ (CBG) – Growing up, we used to walk to the local bakery to get a loaf of Challah bread in order to have a fresh snack and even to make French Toast. And now, we can get it delivered to our door from a small, sibling owned business. The flavor is amazing and it definitely gives me all the nostalgic vibes. The fact that they also offer a wide range of flavors and sweet treats make them a great choice for all your Fall baked goods needs. And we can’t wait to place our holiday order too.
  • Pillsbury Perfectly Pumpkin Cake and Pillsbury Cinnamon Bun Cake – Okay, I know this is technically two baked goods, but it makes sense together. Yes, these are the goodies you need to bake yourself, but they are totally worth it! We got the chance to try both flavors, along with their matching frostings and I am in love. Not only did baking these up make the house smell amazing, but the flavors are on point. The cinnamon cake with the frosting is out of this world (we made them as loaf cakes and one loaf cake didn’t even make it 24 hours), while the Pumpkin Cake is making us rethink pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving! You can never go wrong with Pillsbury and you can definitely not go with these two flavors!

We love baked goods and we love baking up sweet treats all season long. And now that Fall is here, it looks like we are going to be in our baked goods era.

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