Halloween Baking Championship season 9 episode 3: Fire and aliens

Judges Stephanie Boswell, Zac Young, Carla Hall and Host John Henson, portrait, as seen on Halloween Baking Championship, Season 9.
Judges Stephanie Boswell, Zac Young, Carla Hall and Host John Henson, portrait, as seen on Halloween Baking Championship, Season 9. /

Halloween Baking Championship season 9 was back on Food Network and the bakers were back to creating gross and creepy desserts. And while it was much less dramatic than last week, there was still plenty of horror and a few collapsing cakes.

For the Thriller Challenge, the bakers had to make flambéed pavlovas, and they had to be in the shape of something spooky. This is the Halloween Baking Championship after all. There were arms and cauldrons and skin and all kinds of creepy things. And there was really only one issue in this challenge. Christa had really never made a pavlova before and it definitely showed. It…did not look good.

But there were some excellent creations and Ryan and Holly were in the top two with Holly winning this round with her burnt arm pavolva. What a thing to type out!

Next was the Killer challenge! This time, the remaining bakers had to make a Charlotte royale that looked like an alien head and that had something oozing out of it. They also had to incorporate a specific green ingredient into their cake. The choices were mint, matcha, kiwi, avocado, or green apple.

Halloween Baking Championship was all about aliens and fire this week

It was an absolutely delightful challenge that produced some incredibly fun results.

Oh and the twist this round was that the bakers had to add freeze-dried vegetables into their cakes. Yeah, they were not happy. But because Holly won the first challenge, she didn’t have to take part in the twist.

Unfortunately, not everyone had such a good time. Adesuwa and Dan both had their cakes fall apart on them. They were able to fix the issue, but the end result was not what they wanted.

But who came out on top? That was Holly and Mandi. Their aliens looked very real and they also tasted great. Mandi used to be a makeup artist for movies and Holly has shown she is an artistic expert so this wasn’t a huge surprise. Holly took the top spot this week!

The bottom two wasn’t a big surprise either. It was Dan and Adesuwa. Adesuwa’s cake rolls were dense and chewy and Dan just really didn’t have enough time to finish decorating his alien head. Unfortunately, Adesuwa was the one to go home.

Next week, the remaining bakers will have to create Bloody Mary bar desserts and then they’ll need to break up into teams of two to make cakes that fuse two body parts together. This really is the best baking show.

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