Rotten Gummy Worms launch in time for Halloween 2023

Rotten Gummy Worms (compostable packaging, better ingredients.) Image Courtesy of Rotten.
Rotten Gummy Worms (compostable packaging, better ingredients.) Image Courtesy of Rotten. /

Halloween is creeping ever closer and sometimes you want a treat with a little bit of funk which is where Rotten Gummy Worms comes in.

While the name might seem less than appealing, Rotten is the company’s name and the focus is on creating better products for all. Whether you’re looking for something with less sugar or artificial flavors, then Rotten has you covered.

The first product coming out of the game is Rotten Gummy Worms. Releasing in two varieties: original and sour, these are the perfect sweet treat for Halloween and even a little bit before, too.

Whether you’re looking for yourself, the littles in your life, or just want a new candy to try out, then these Rotten Gummy Worms are sure to be a great fit for all your Halloween needs.

Get creepy with new Rotten Gummy Worms headed to shelves now!

Rotten Gummy Worms
Rotten Gummy Worms (compostable packaging, better ingredients.) Image Courtesy of Rotten. /

With *NSYNC hopefully back together, everyone is headed back to the ‘90s including Rotten. The brand is taking a page out of “gross-out culture” to promote these new treats. Frankly, I think they’re going to be a huge hit for kids and adults alike.

These Gummy Worms are naturally sweetened, come in 4 different flavors, and have 60% less sugar than non-rotten Gummy Worms. In addition, the brand’s packaging is made of compostable materials which is always something to appreciate but let’s talk about flavor.

I’d like to thank Rotten for sending me some Gummy Worms to try and I will say that I loved them. While regular gummy worms can give you a toothache, these aren’t overwhelmingly sweet. Between the two varieties though, I prefer the sour because they just give that extra zing. Plus they also turn your tongue different colors so what’s not to like?

Don’t take my word for it, though. You can take the word of Dr. Rufus Rotten who is the lead scientist and fictional founder of Rotten. You could even take one look at Franky Freak who is the brand’s mascot and is featured on the package. It’s clear he’s eaten a few too many Rotten Worms, though.

Whether you’re looking to #FeedYourFreak or just want to try some new candy, you’ll want to pick up these Rotten Gummy Worms before, during, and after Halloween this year. You can head to Rotten’s website to order now!

Will you be trying these Rotten Gummy Worms? Let us know in the comments! 

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