Heinz adds new limited-edition Traylor sauce for all fans

Heinz Releases Limited-Edition #Traylor-Inspired “Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch” Sauce. Image Courtesy of Heinz.
Heinz Releases Limited-Edition #Traylor-Inspired “Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch” Sauce. Image Courtesy of Heinz. /

Heinz knows a thing or two about ketchup and also seemingly ranch. If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, then this will make sense to you.

Thankfully as the resident Swiftie on Guilty Eats, I can fill you in. Over the weekend, Taylor Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs game as a way to support Travis Kelce and while there, she was pictured eating chicken. On her plate was obviously ketchup along with what is known as “seemingly ranch.”

Since then, people have been running with this idea of both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce along with Taylor’s food preferences. As someone who loves chicken tenders, I can attest that she made a great choice.

Thankfully, Heinz thought so too and the brand decided to launch its limited-edition “Traylor” inspired sauce called “Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch.”

Heinz launches a new Traylor-inspired sauce for fans of the rumored duo.

If you didn’t know, Heinz is the one who supplies all of Arrowhead Stadium’s ketchup and ranch so they know a thing or two. In honor of that, the brand is releasing 100 bottles of this exclusive concoction. This is obviously inspired by Travis Kelce’s #87 on the field and Taylor Swift’s love for the #13.

While you’ll have to follow Heinz on Instagram to find out more, I wanted to get this on all my fellow Taylor Swift lovers’ radar. If you’re looking to get something unique and fun to commemorate the occasion, you can get one of these. Given the impact Taylor has already had, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you’re a fan of Travis Kelce or Taylor Swift, there is no denying this mashing of worlds is working. Kelce’s jersey sales have spiked while Taylor’s been talked about by all major networks. Hopefully, we’ll see other Heinz brands jump into the mix, too.

Until then, I wanted to make sure all of the Traylor fans knew about this and were able to get ahead of the game. Of course, we still have to wait until Sunday to see if Taylor makes an appearance in New York for their game against the Jets. Either way, it could be great PR for the Chiefs and Taylor’s release of 1989 which is exactly what Heinz is hoping for.

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