Sonic announces new Hickory BBQ Cheeseburger

Sonic adds Brownie Batter and Yellow Cake Batter shakes, photo provided by Sonic
Sonic adds Brownie Batter and Yellow Cake Batter shakes, photo provided by Sonic /

Sonic is perhaps best known for the fact that when you go there to have something to eat, you do so in your vehicle. Sure, there is small area if you want to sit at a table but when you go to Sonic, the idea is to have it feel like a bygone fast food era, when everyone ate in their car.

Now, in today’s day and age, not many folks want to eat in their car. I will, but to deal with the mess and crumbs and having to vacuum my car mats, the food better be really, really good. Lucky for Sonic, that is pretty much the case.

In addition to good food, Sonic has to offer something that you can’t get at McDonald’s or Burger King. This has meant that the King of the Drive-in have always been fairly innovative when it comes to new burgers that they add to the menu.

And that’s exactly what they have done with the brand new sandwich they are offering. But not happy to just add a new sandwich, they are also bringing back a fan favorite for a limited time.

The Hickory BBQ Cheeseburger will be available at Sonic for a limited time.

The new addition is the Hickory BBQ Cheeseburger. It’s a brand new burger that includes a pure beef patty topped with American cheese, hickory BBQ sauce, onions, lettuce and pickles all on a warm toasted bun.

The returning favorite is none other than the Garlic Butter Bacon Burger, which grew quite the following when it was originally available. It includes a pure beef patty that has been topped with garlic butter, a couple of slices of American cheese, mayo, grilled onions and the best food in the world, bacon.

If you want folks to eat in their car, you need to offer sandwiches that they will like and make the effort worth it. These two burger check both boxes. They’re available only for a limited time at Sonic locations nationwide.

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